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by , 23rd May 2010 at 08:14 PM (511 Views)

I'm gonna do it in Ruby. I just migrated what was left of the migration slave Game Pak, and I'm gonna start it. I'll post things like captures, evolutions, deaths, and major victories every once in a while. Well, I'll start now.

Here are my rules:

You can't run from wild Pokemon.

No healing items. Of any kind. Only PokeCenters.

If a Pokemon faints, release it.

Only the first Pokemon encountered in an area can be caught.

Shifting Pokemon is OK.

Nickname ALL Pokemon.


Well, here goes.

NZLocke set out on an adventure through Hoenn!

Chose Torchic (wanted something different than grass this time) and named him Blake.

Caught a Zigzagoon, named her Reena.

Caught a Poochyena, named her Chasey.

Caught another Poochyena, named him Fabio.

Chasey has died. R.I.P. *sniff*

Caught a Wurmple, named her Marie.


To be continued...

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  1. Garrett Givre's Avatar
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    Good luck. That's quite a daunting task.
  2. gus81646's Avatar
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    agreed, wow if that were me i would probably fail around dewford
  3. IslandWalker's Avatar
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    ^I did too. Here's what happened before I died:

    Marie evolved

    Blake evolved

    Beat Roxanne

    Fabio died. RIP

    Caught a Zubat, named her Irene

    FAILed. But I saved, so I'll cheat and add a new rule: You can only reset if you lose gym and E4 battles.


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