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Inactivity... and SMG2 marathon.

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by , 15th December 2010 at 08:19 AM (305 Views)
As you all might have noticed, I have been very inactive this past week. This is due to me being on vacation, and EVERYONE with the Guatemalan school year (I have the normal one), which starts in January and ends around October, with a small vacation in the middle, invited me to their house. Since now every school is out, I can finally get together with my non-school friends.

With one of them, who shares my love for Mario (although not Pokemon) games, we beat Super Mario Galaxy 2. That game is designed for experts. He started swearing at Luigi for random things and we ended up using Mario. For some reason, we beat it easily with Mario. We spent all day playing it, only pausing to eat or occasionally go to the bathroom. In total (not counting breaks) we played 12 HOURS!!!! I had never played video games for such a long time.

Also, I've only been able to get one sprite done. Since nobody invited me today, I'll try to get ahead on all of my requests.

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