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  1. Claims

    Yay, it's another sig blog! Here is where I will keep all my claims.



    Meadow Plate



    Island Cave


    Updated 24th February 2011 at 10:46 AM by IslandWalker

  2. Inactivity AGAIN... This time I have no excuse.

    Well, I've been inactive as a paralyzed Slowpoke this month, and I really want to stay here. The last time I visited was on the 15th, more than a week ago. I think it's mainly due to all the time I've spent on I Can Has Cheezburger, so I'll try to only go on once a day to get my collectible. I'll spend more time on here. Because of this, I have a line of customers that are probably sleeping in my shop, so I'll get on that today. Actually, the first time I sprited in the entire week was today in ...
  3. Inactivity... and SMG2 marathon.

    As you all might have noticed, I have been very inactive this past week. This is due to me being on vacation, and EVERYONE with the Guatemalan school year (I have the normal one), which starts in January and ends around October, with a small vacation in the middle, invited me to their house. Since now every school is out, I can finally get together with my non-school friends.

    With one of them, who shares my love for Mario (although not Pokemon) games, we beat Super Mario Galaxy 2. ...

    Updated 16th December 2010 at 12:43 PM by IslandWalker

  4. Nostalgia just PWNED me right now.

    I was cleaning up my closet (it was about time), and I found this box full of plastic frogs. I immediately remembered how I played with them for endless hours since I was three. My favorite animal is, and will always be, the epic frog.

    I also found these random flash cards with the names of them, and I was laughing my head off for a long time. The "setup" consisted of

    -weird name
    -random last name usually with Le at the beginning do make it more French. ...
  5. Epic Trick-or-treating

    I just came back from trick-or-treating, it was awesome. We went to this huge neighborhood where half of the people didn't celebrate Halloween, and the other half was OBSESSED with it. I mean, they had freakin' inflatable castles that led to the door, and cotton spiderwebs hanging all over the place. It was awesome! I got about 240 pieces of candy (don't know how many I ate, but I counted the rest) and it's gonna last a LONG time. Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!

    OH, and check ...
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