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Hey Again

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Hey everyone.
Sorry for my absence. I've been really busy doing a lot of things. I guess I ought to explain myself.

1) I started to get bored of Pokemon so I started watching other anime such as Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Yugioh (GX and 5D's) and Hamtaro. However, now that I have satisfied those interests, I have come back because I miss everyone here and I've been feeling nostalgic.

2) I recently got a Playstation Portable and I am ADDICTED to the damn thing. My father bought me Lego Star Wars III and my mother bought me Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force 5. Plus, my sis gave me a lot of her old games so I've just been fooling around.

3) I've had a lot of huge assignments lately. My english teacher wants an essay on Romeo & Juliet and a large poster also. We've also been doing weekly Romeo & Juliet quizzes and study Q's. Also, I have to write an essay on Martin Luther King Jr. for Religion class and that basically is 30% of my mark. To top it all off, I have a huge three part Mathematics project for my Course Culminating Task. If I complete it, I won't have to worry about the exam. The assignment is basically planning a week's trip to England, Ireland and Scotland.

All of the teachers at my school have changed. The librarian has been sick for a long time now and a new teacher replaced her. I shall refer to him as Mr. K because I don't want to give away my school. Anyways, Mr. K is an asshole now and won't let me read manga in the library on my spare. He is always kicking people out and he closes the library for sometimes even a whole day. And I practically LIVE in the library. Also my religion teacher, Mr. J is an idiot who never does anything. He lets kids get away with drinking ice capps in his class and making as much noise as they please. Anyone else would be overjoyed at this. However, I hate loud noises because it distracts me from my reading. You do NOT want to get in between me and my books. Plus he always asks me "Whatcha reading?", I don't dislike Mr. J so much but I definitely don't have any respect for him.

Mr. C, my English teacher is okay. He always tries too hard to make the class laugh. I'm taking a Grade 10 University English course but I am surrounded by a group of IDIOTS. I sit next to this arrogant boy and he's effing annoying. There are times when I just want to tell him to STFU. He always talks about himself and stuff he does. AND, our desks are surrounded by his evil, giggly fangirls. So naturally, whenever we get into an arguement, he has his fangirls to side with him. Ther'es this cute guy who sits in front of me but I get the feeling that he just considers me a big joke. Yesterday, I was minding my own business eating lunch and he walks up to me and asks me to borrow money! I barely even know the guy and he is trying to mooch my lunch money! Oh and yesterday, when we were watching Romeo & Juliet, I commented that committing suicide over a guy is stupid and so Arrogant Boy told the goddamn teacher but he put words into my mouth. He said that I said committing suicide over RELATIONSHIPS is silly. One, I did NOT say silly. I said stupid. I consider silly to mean laughable and like a big joke. Stupid is just pure stupidity and lack of intelligence. Also, I said BOYS, I did not say RELATIONSHIPS. There is a clear difference between the two. I do think that girls who commit suicide over guys are stupid but I have my reasons for thinking this way.

There's other fish in the sea! I have dealt with plenty of breakups and yes I have shed tears over one guy (More so because of his harsh breakup, not so much about him), you see, I thought we were doing okay but he sends his friends to tell me instead so I'm working in resource when his friends run by and shout "_______ is breaking up with you!", so I go to talk to him and he confirms it. Now I can't even look at him. Not because I loved him, but because of how he did it. But I moved on.

So, that's basically my life right now. How have your lives been?

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  1. Mr Metagross's Avatar
    Meh. If you're gonna betray Nintendo, do it with dignity and buy an XBox 360.
  2. Cartmanland's Avatar

    I will NEVER betray Nintendo. Besides, there's two XBoxes in my house (Brother's and sister's) and I don't need any more of the damn things.


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