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And thus the frustration is freed.

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by , 21st March 2011 at 03:40 PM (199 Views)
Does anyone else feel like they shouldn't have graduated elementry school? Not school work wise, but people wise.

In elementry school, the definition between the people who were right and the people who were wrong seemed so simple. Life was in black and white, neither side seemed gray. Intentions were obvious, therefore you could tell who was right. No one bothered with carefully shielding and scattering their actions in order to hide things from you.

It's taken me well over a year to realize this, but things aren't like that the years of your life afterwards. People carefully manipulate their words and actions to make them seem like the good guys, the innocent victims, resulting in two completely different stories for the same side.

And then people get in the middle as drama wars unfold between friends. Both sides seem so even one has no clue which to believe, which one is wrong. These people, perhaps unwittingly, force those around them to watch their own actions. Got a friend on each side? Well, sucks to be you.

I don't understand why people can't just forgive and forget. Everyone has had their back stabbed, or has perhaps just been abandoned, and it is entirely possible to forgive some of those people. Unless imformation's being hidden, it is with the current situation.

I really care about both of you (although I have no clue how you would find me here. Odds are this is a blind message), but for goodness's sake, please try to make up. You'd be doing several people a favor.

Anyway, I thank anyone who had the patience to read through this. If it isn't too much to ask, if anyone feels the same way, might you mention it? It's a nice feeling not to be alone.

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