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Big Lutz

Big Lutz's Trip to Japan! Day One!

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In the next few days I will be recounting my trip to Tokyo last September as well as providing pictures for this trip. Why I haven't done this any sooner? Well I am lazy.

This trip took place between September 20th - September 26th. It was a graduation trip that I had saved up for, and I brought along my friend paying for her entire way ( Yes, be jealous now, being my best friend has perks ).

Day One

Well I started off getting up at 3 am as we had to catch the flight to LAX by 6. We made it to LAX, but it was so crowded we had to disembark the airplane outside and take an airport taxi into the terminal. After that we had to wait three hours which turned into SIX hours because the international plane had landing gear trouble. Yeah... not the best way to start the trip.

Finally we got onto the flight and it was paradise each seat had a TV and could watch any movie the passenger wanted from a massive list of movies ranging from Monsters University to Butch and Casady. I fell asleep twice during their flight one time mistaking other loud air conditioner as a thunderstorm and freaked out much to the embarrassment of my friend.

Finally we landed and I had a quick dinner at Mic Donnalds because well, airplane food on this flight seemed to be incredibly horrid. Anywhere at the McDonnalds I sat across from what I admit was a cute Japanese boy, mind you I am straight but this guy was hot. Anyway he was named Shun, he knew a little bit of English so we had a bit of a conversation before running to the hotel bus.

And man oh man Tokyo traffic is bad it was six at night and took nearly two hours to get to the hotel. During that time I used a phone app on my iphone to auto-translate what I was speaking to Japanese and vice versa to a Japanese family with very cute kids. Anyway by the time we made it to the hotel it was around 8 and both my friend and I fell asleep nearly instantly.

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    You should have taken pictures so I could *ahem* see them ;P


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