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Rider's Ramblings

I am Rider, a bmgf person. Listen to my story.

  1. CoH Ultra Mode = Bad

    It is living hell on my computer. It is also very, ery, very, very, very, very...


    ...very, very, very, very, very..... Oh, laggy. Is that even a word?


    Yup, it is very laggy.

    That's all for today, blog readers!
  2. Happy Sunday!

    Its a good S- Wait, its easter? No, its Sunday! Or Thanksgiving! Whichever you like... But I heard it was Thanksgiving!

    Haha, got'cha~

    Y'all have a wonderful Easter (or Sunday, for those who don't celebrate it)
  3. Is it bad that I don't cry at a funeral?

    Well, is it bad/wrong?

    Because I went to a funeral today (the same teacher from my previous blog) ad didn't cry. I never cry at thoe oasins, though. And today, my mom askedme why I didn't cry, and I didn't know what to say.

    So, BMGf, I was wondering if it was bad/wrong to not cry at a funeral.

    Please answer.
  4. Its sad to hear one of your favorite teacher's die

    ...It was just a horrible day, especially since I was crying over one of teh coolest teacher's ever... gone.

    I'm gonna miss her, just like everyone else who knew her will.
  5. I think my dogs want about 20 puppies

    And it was the fourth time this week.

    And I had to WATCH because they were right next to me. We are going to have one of them in the cage at ALL TIMES for a while.

    Talk about UGH.

    That is all.
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