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I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you.

What's this, unoriginality?

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by , 25th June 2013 at 08:26 PM (146 Views)
Hey look I'm stealing ideas

fell free to ask :>

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  1. Zima's Avatar
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    39, 41, 52.
  2. Parma's Avatar
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    51, 26 and 27
  3. Charles Dunois's Avatar
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    2 and 53.
  4. Synthesis's Avatar
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    @Zima ; @Parma ; @Charles Dunois ;

    39. What I'm really good at?
    Learning things off, swimming, being friendly and actually making friends. Hopefully these values will shine through come college.

    41. Where I would like to live?
    Parts of America seem really nice so I want to visit there more. But I'd still rather live here in Ireland probably.

    52. What my last text message says?
    Sent: Don' forget to collect thomas at 5:30 in macdonalds in ___
    Received: Thanks for topping up. You will now receive Meteor Text for the next 15 days

    51. What I should have sai a long time ago?
    God so many. Said "yes" when a girl asked me was I planning on kissing her at prom last september. I said no because I had no idea how she'd react. Also the time a different girl who I had a crush on for years asked me did I want to get icecream after we were flirting for a bit. I said no for no reason at all and ruined my chance with her. So fucking stupid.

    26. An internal conflict I have with myself?
    Why don't I go out now even though everyone else does. I just stay at home these days and I don't know why.

    27. What I'm doing tomorrow?
    A great unproductive meaningless day of Game of Thrones, Community, Skype, Aim and Facebook.

    2. What I'm really bad at?
    Maps. Holy shit I don't know where anything is. You could ask me really obvious ones and I wouldn't have a clue. One of these days I will literally just learn them, especially the globe. Also listening to advice.

    53. What I hate most about myself?
    Even though I have flaws like everyone I don't really hate any part of myself. I guess if I had to say something I can be quite moody and hurtful to people who've hurt me.


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