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Today was good but so tiring

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I've been up and doing things since 7 this morning. After school, I had some after school extra classes, then came home and had dinner. Then had to go to piano lessons for an hour. Then come home and like two hours of homework. My schedual's so busy I have to cut corners even when it comes to homework and things.

Anyway, no one cares about that crap. Getting off the bus and on my way home, I saw the really bitchin' girl from prom. She said "hi" and we talked the whole way home. I hardly know her but we get on so well, literally talking non-stop about anything and everything until we got to her estate like twenty minutes later. We stood outside and talked for a bit before we parted, but it was so good to see her.

She's pretty, we get along really well, similar interests and she's doing the same course I want to do in the same Uni. It's all perfect, right? Naw. She's dating some guy I don't know, which sucks. Asking her out is ruled out for now at least.

Hopefully I'll see her around if I get into the same college or I can ask her about the course as a way to start talking to her.

For the people who've seen some of my prim pics, she's the girl I was sharing the coke/vodka with.

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    synthesis is in looooooooooove *-*


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