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So I've been thinking

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by , 23rd April 2013 at 03:47 PM (192 Views)
During the summer, I might make a Youtube channel and upload some videos. I'm not sure if I'd go down the vlog route, or maybe rants about things, or even Pokemon related, doing things like PO battles.

Hypothetically speaking, is it a good idea? What would you like to see me do, if I do infact make it a regular thing? Will I get all the bitches?

Bear in mind, I probably won't even do it, but it's a thought. Or maybe I will. The suspense.

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  1. CrackFox's Avatar
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    You wont.

    You should upload some music covers. You play the piano so get in on the act. The getting is good on youtube right now. Play your cards right, you could be the new, white, Irish and all seeing, Stevie Wonder!
  2. System Error's Avatar
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    learn to speedrun blue glitchless and try to get sub 2 hours
  3. Charles Dunois's Avatar
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    Hypothetically speaking, your channel will only bring 71% of the bitches to the yard. Hahaha--KILL ME.

    Umm, sure.
  4. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
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    Will I get all the bitches?
    Yes, yes, you will get ALL the bitches.


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