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Oh joy

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This morning I did some incredibly awesome Bulba snooping. I found some really awesome threads and took some badass screenshots of crazy shit but I don't think I can post them (for now anyway) or I'll be in trouble.

Mind you, I didn't use my Mod powers to find these, but if I hadn't been a Mod, I wouldn't know how/where to look.

This blog seems really bland and missing details but I'll keep what I found hidden for the most part. Besides, I'm sure you guys could find what I found and more by opening your eyes and reading threads around the '07-08 era.

Something I can say is I did find a few porn threads by spambots. Now they were funny.

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  1. CrackFox's Avatar
    I remember the guy who posted an erotic fanfic about Misty a couple of years ago. It was pretty full on, I really don't know what he hoped to acheive by posting it here.
  2. eat's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure a prominent user of this forym post an erotic fanfiction about another female character on another forym.


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