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I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you.

Needed mons

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beedrill, pidgeotto, pidgeot, raticate, sandshrew, nidoqueen, nidoking, ninetails, wigglytuff, parasect, venonat, diglett, meowth, persian, primeape, arcanine
poliwrath, machamp, victreebel, tentacruel, golem, rapidash, magnemite, dodrio, seel, dewgong, hypno, kingler, voltorb, grimer, muk, koffing, seaking, electabuzz, jolteon, flareon, kabuto, kabutops, omanyte, omastar, articuno, zapdos, dragonite, mewtwo, mew

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  1. Jdog1020's Avatar
    Huh? What are you trying to say? I'm sorry, but I don't understand this list.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    IIRC, he needs them for his Dex in XY.

    I think I got a spare Muk, though I won't be able to trade this week.


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