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Life Update

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by , 18th July 2012 at 02:56 PM (176 Views)
So today I went to one of the local shopping centers for a while. I got McDonalds and then had M&S cookies for dessert. We walked around the shops, but no one bought anything, then we headed home. Fairly uneventful, but some heinous bastard cleaner threw my drink in the bin when I was in the bathroom because it was momentarily unattended. We would have probably seem the Avengers, or re-seen in my brother's case, but we were 10 minutes late when we got there, and I didn't want to miss the start. Spiderman was like 2 and a half hours long according to the guy working there, so we didn't see that either.

Also, ever since last night I've had a cold. I never get colds so it's weird, especially since it's the summer and it's moderately warm too. So I've been feeling pretty shitty since then with ocassional headaches and pain behind my eyes. I might just head to bed fairly early tonight cause I'm running on like 4 hours sleep.

On a positive note though, I think I've found my number one choice for what/where to go to school. More on that later, but yeah I'm pretty excited for it.

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