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Holy crap

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So, I was hatching me some Dream World Females, and I came across a shiny one after three Aron eggs. It's male, has the DW ability Heavy Metal and is a Modest nature. Yes, it's horrendous, but still, the sprite is amazing.

Here's a pic that I took with my iPhone and then had to make a twitter in order to upload it.

Twitter / synthesislol: http://t.co/O87k1qIH

So badass, amirite?

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Congrats dude.I don't hatch enough shinies :I
  2. Oswin's Avatar
    Congratulations! I've never hatched a shiny :I
  3. Pidgeot's Avatar
    Congratulation! I've hatched a shiny out of the blue too :I
  4. Yadon's Avatar
    I only ever seem to find wild shinies in battles and not in eggs, so you're pretty lucky. Congrats :P

    I love shiny Aron's eyes. I (predictably) named mine Redeye XD
  5. Serenity's Avatar
    Congrats! : D
  6. CrackFox's Avatar
    Well congratulations and welcome to twitter, I suppose.
  7. Orion's Avatar


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