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Exams <3

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So yeah four exams done, quite annoyed with most of them.

Yesterday had english paper one and maths paper one. English really ruined my day. So so many pages and so stressful and my hands was in bits. I didn't even do a good response to any of the questions, my semi long question was a page because of time restraints and my essay ended up being about three and a hal pages short (just two and a half pages sob), then the comprehension was so demanding and took ages fml.

Maths paper one was quite difficult but I'm reasonably pleased with it. Most people came out all stressed and panicked claiming they failed but I'm fairly confident I at least scraped a B.

Irish paper one was just an essay on "tir gan teanga tir gan anam" which means "a country without a language is a country without a soul. Need to have about 500-600 words but I hit 790 and had like forty minutes to spare. I would've written more but penalised if over 850 words and I already had a lot of detail down.

Music, the subject I was planning on doing really well in was awful for the most part. We only have five essays covered so far and I took the risk and learned three of the five off by heart. Not that bad considering some people learned none and most people learned one or two. Two essays of the five we had studied were options. The two I didn't learn... Needless to say I was pissed. Then the other listening questions were so hard, which mightn't seem too bad except an hour and a half worth of extracts to analyse and write bullshitty crap on and still do terrible in is awful.

Then music composing paper, my strong suit. Upbeat major 16 bar melody came up which is very nice and I think I did quite well in. Hopefully 35/40 but realistically probably 25-32/40. Then the harmony which takes an hour and ten minutes for me to do usually except you only have 55 mins. It also happened to be a real fuck you over one with four different bass melodies that have to be copied that don't fit in and the cadences were hard to spot. But I still think I did quite well, barely finished it in time but oh well.

French tomorrow but I'm going swimming to ight instead of studying cause yolo and don't need no education. Then I have a week's break from exams to study the shit out of bio chem eng p2 maths p2 and irish p2.


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