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  1. Firehearts Scramble Challenge Part 2!!!

    by , 27th May 2011 at 07:33 PM
    Part 2

    I entered the forest and saw a sign that said "Petalburg Woods".
    Me and Walt wanted to get a new friend but none of the Pokèmon here were very interesting. There was a couple of Bug catchers on the way but Walt got 'em all and leveled up to level 12. When I was exiting the forest there was a weird man looking for a Pokèmon called Shroomish, I told him no and suddenly a man that looked like a pirate threatened him. The coward ran and made me battle his Poocheyena ...
  2. Firehearts Scramble Challenge part 1!

    by , 20th May 2011 at 04:07 PM
    PART 1

    I decided I'd start early because I am bored.
    4:02 Hiya Birch how you doing? Ooh a Lotad!
    4:03 I think I'm a boy... maybe. My name is going to be... FireH!!!
    4:05 Ahhhhhh I'm tiny!! Hey look I'm in at truck.
    4:06 Hi mom! Ooooh Vigoroth!
    4:07 A map of Hoenn, looks like a lot of water!
    4:08 Free Potion in the PC this will come in handy!
    4:10 Of course my name is --------------------
    May has a little sister! Weird
    4:12 OH ...
  3. Firehearts Scramble Challenge!!!!!

    by , 19th May 2011 at 08:27 PM
    Oka the actual thing will begin Saturday but my scrmabled Pokemon are:
    Treecko Who must always carry a Pecha Berry unlless it is happiness is at a minimum
    Trapinch Who must alway have Dragon Breath and it must keep the 2 moves Bite and Crunch until it fully evolves.
    Grimer/Slugma(Depending on luck)It cannot fight over or under water and can evolve after participating in 3 major battles.
    ElecktrikeIt can't evolve Electrike until it solos two gyms in a row. Even after It ...