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  1. This video. Watch it. Spread it.

    So my brothers' band, The Fadeout, has just released their newest videoclip.

    It's awesome (of course, it might not be your style, but that's always true), and since they're trying to really get something going, I'm trying to spread the news of the band's existence wherever I can so the video get as many hits and as many shares as can be managed.

    So please go watch it, and if you like, try to spread it more. ...
  2. Gasp! Figment is advertising! But it's an awesome game!

    Just be glad I didn't go along with @Iteru;'s plan of posting this link in anime and pretending it was a link to deleted scenes from the Plasma episode

    But yes.

    Basically, http://signup.europauniversalis4.com/r/315e6860ff9

    So two things here:

    2)Of course I want the sweet perks that come from people registering on my referal links. Duh.

    2)This has been my favorite game series of the past decade. ...
  3. Ten years later

    Since evkl kindly reminded me, and since it's been a decade for me too (a decade and a day, technically)...time to reflect on the past ten years of Bulba...

    The pokémon community was in a pretty sorry state, back in late 2002. The completely abysymal early Gen III games (yes, FR/LG and Emerald would later improve the generation a great deal), coming after a long wait with no game release and the death of the pokémon fad, had pretty much left the fandom a shadow of its former self. ...
  4. The ridiculous hatred against Iris

    Frankly, from reading around, all the complaints about how Iris "doesn't work toward her goals" sounds like people who can't get over the fact that the writers aren't devoting fifty bajillion episode to "character development" (in bracket because decent character development is the results of the events of the main plot, and happen concurrently with them, not something you put the main plot on hold for, and (generally) not the main plot itself. IE, not something you devote an episode to).

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  5. Thanks all!

    Thansk everyone for the birthday wishes!

    Wish we could like VMs the same way we can like post, would be a much more effective way to answer the lot of you, but I like all the wishes.
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