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For the the fair few who do know me to even a minor degree, what do you think of me? What impression have I left on you?

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Well...though you tend to be cynical, and can be really blunt and, at times, rude...I know that deep down you do have people who are close to you, and that you care about them a lot, and I know there's a nice side of you that's just usually suppressed, for various reasons.

    I know you're truly not a bad person at all. ^^ It just...takes time to get to know you and get past the hard outer shell so to speak.
  2. Abba's Avatar
    yer pretty cool
  3. Zexy's Avatar
    Okay, you finally did it.

    How should I begin... I really like you as a person. You may have some cynical sides, but that's not totally bad. You are always well-balanced, criticizing wherever there must be criticism. Honestly, I don't think of your opinions in any negative way.

    You may be a bit hard to approach, but hands-down, you have no bad intents. No foul thoughts, nothing like that. I may have not seen the "nice side" Karis mentions that much, but I can be 101% sure that it exists, and it also is a great part of your personality.

    You are a great Duelist, which may not be that important, but it means that you are trying your best and love strategy and order. I must say that I never considered you rude, criticism must be done, hands down. This may not let some people approach you as much as they would otherwise, but it is your choice, and I outright respect it.

    When it comes to humor... Well, it's not that imperative that it has to come to humor every time :))
    We can be friends the serious way.

    To sum it up, I really like you as a person. I can call you "wise", and I am always happy to share moments with you. I may have not pierced the shell yet, but I don't really want to do so that badly. The way you are, you are just great.


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