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Twenty years old. .-.

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It feels... bittersweet to say the least.

On one hand, it's a great triumph to have come this far, having maintained my sanity despite certain life challenges.
On the other... well. Something just feels really sad about it. Had a similar feeling upon graduating High School really. Maybe the fact that you're saying good bye to an entire era of your life?

In any case, I'll try to enjoy this day.

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  1. Xita's Avatar
    Happy Birthday~
  2. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    No way, I'm turning twenty too, tomorrow!

    Happy birthday!
  3. Reila's Avatar
    It has been three years since I turned 20 ._.

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Zidar Ravencrypt's Avatar
    Saying Goodbye to High School is the best part! XD


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