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"Polar Vortex"

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by , 29th January 2014 at 05:20 AM (237 Views)
I'm sure some of heard of this term. Thanks to this cold wave, the weather is really wacky right now. In Louisiana, it was sleeting most of the day yesterday. Some areas even got snow from the sound of things. This isn't forgetting how temperatures have dipped below freezing several times.

Now granted, I'm normally a resident of Oklahoma. So I've seen this kind of weather before. (Routinely in fact.) But... seeing it in Louisiana, having been lead to believe that this pretty much never happens... Feels rather bizarre.
Though it has yet to affect me personally, it sounds fairly irritating. They aren't quite equipped to routinely handle weather like this. (It's Louisiana for Christ's sake. Winter weather is the last thing they have to worry about. ._.) Despite this, the temperatures fluctuate a bit too much for any precipitation to have any real hopes of sticking for long. But the temperatures will still be a pain. (Then again, I'm dreading Summer here a lot more. =_=;)

Still, as a last thought... It is a bit funny seeing the stupefied reactions my relatives are having to this weather. Though contemplating that a bit, I'm rather shocked myself.

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