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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 8

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The last time, I finally made my way out of Kanazumi. That's about it.

Chapter 8 - I'm on a Boat

Upon reaching Mr. Briney's cottage by Touka, I ask him to sail us to Muro (Dewford) Town. We have quite a lot to do, don't we? We have to drop off a letter to Steven Stone on Muro, a package to deliver to Kaina (Slateport), and of course... a full revamp of the Team. On the way to Muro however, I receive a call from Norman which seemingly stops time. (You would not believe how hilarious it is to be on a fast boat cruise, and then to receive a call which apparently stops everything in place. .____. Although anyone who got to this part on Emerald probably didn't put thought to that. xD)
Upon landing at Muro Town, we find out that... it has a town hall full of idiots. I'll try not to make my stay here too long. ._.; Just north of the town itself, this man can be found.

I don't see the name connection. QQ

He offers to sail us to Masara Town. Where's that exactly? Guess there's only one way to find out. (Note: For those of you playing WL, you won't be able to use this man's boat at all if you didn't grab the JX Pass from Touka City)
Upon accepting his offer, he says that we're going to... WHAAAAT?!
That's against the rules isn't it? "SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE MONEY."
Annnnnd so, we land at Masara. I swear I've seen this place somewhere before... Masara is a little... tweaked from it's original incarnation. There are now two lanes of grass to the left and right of the town. So... what can we find here? These two patches of grass are the exclusive homes of four of Gensokyo's finest. CSakuya, CReimu, CMarisa, and CSanae can all be found here. With low encounter and catch rates I might add. Don't expect to grab one of them easily. It is here that I catch a CReimu and name it Stardust. One Boneka on the list has been checked off. Shortly afterward, I head to Route 22 where I catch a CUtsuho and totally forget to nickname it "Hypersonic". QQ And as of 10 minutes prior to this blog entry's post, I obtained a CMokou from Route 3... and forget to nickname it too. QQ I fail. ;-; Oh well, I can clear that up at Kaina.
With my business in Kanto finished (for now), time to head back to Muro to drop off Steven's letter and grind a bit. Steven happens to be in the Granite Cave. Time to do some wandering in the dark. D8

*waits for something to jump out and kill him*

The Granite Cave is pretty annoying with getting the Muro Gym Badge to use Flash with. However, grinding here before you even tread there is recommended in WL. :x It's not that hard to find your way around thankfully, if you're patient. The Granite Cave is obviously home to Boneka that enjoy being in the dark. CRumias, CKoakumas, CKisumes (in the "dark" area), and (occasionally, in the "dark" portion of the cave) CReisens dwell here.
Upon finding Steven and delivering the letter to him, he hands us TM 47 - Steel Wings.

Now that I'm done here, perhaps I should I go grind a little at Kaina. Or should I just take a stab at the Muro Gym and get it out of the way?
CMokou (LV13)
Octy (CKurumi; LV13)
Kali (CKogasa; LV13)
Stardust (CReimu; LV12)
CUtsuho (LV12)

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Updated 13th December 2011 at 07:56 PM by ScarletSky



  1. Karisse's Avatar
    HOW DARE YOU FORGET TO NAME ME. FOR THAT, YOU DESERVE TEN THOUSAND DEATHS. [/Tieria Erde] can go to Kanto that early on? o_o
  2. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Sorry! I forgot! DX I'll do it when I reach Kaina!
    Yes actually. It's recommended too, as it's a good place to grind or fetch a Ghost type to use against Broly, I mean... Brawly. Kanto is also home to many rare Boneka that you can't find in Hoenn anyway.
  3. Karisse's Avatar
    I see. Can you actually explore all of Kanto right away?
  4. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    The last time I played this game, there was a VERY BAD GLITCH where you could warp from Kanto back to your home at Hoenn... With Briney still in Muro.
    So even though I got a Chibi Alice, I got stuck. I think this was fixed in a later version though, I don't know.
  5. ScarletSky's Avatar
    @Hypersonic: Sadly, no. Yamame's Cave (Digletts cave in the original games) does still lead to Vermilion, but the exit is blocked by a giant, sleeping turtle. You can travel through Mt. Moon to Cerulean City's outer edges, but you can't enter the town itself due to a pond blocking the way. Surf is needed to cross it.
    @Infinity Mk-II: They may have. BUT, I ran into the same thing a while back. (Except, Briney was stranded at Kaina I think xD) Kanto used to be pretty glitchy in addition to that. Most of it seems cleaned up though. :O
  6. Scarlet Devil's Avatar
    Yay, I'm finally in *v* ...and you forgot to name me... Son, I am disappoint.
    ...Hm... Are you gonna make CUtsuho a SS version so you can have a Water type at least? XD
  7. ScarletSky's Avatar
    @Phantom Shadow: It depends on what Hypersonic says. ^^; It's his Boneka after all.
  8. Karisse's Avatar
    I thought I said the SS thing wasn't a bad idea. ._. Maybe I just thought I did, after all... :<


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