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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 5

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Last time: We found out that NPCs can be really irritating and caught a random CSara

Chapter 5 - Kode Kodok!

It's time to enter the Touka Woods. D: Home to fairies. Fairies, fairies, and more fairies. CSunnymilks, CStar S(apphire)s, and CLunachilds are easily found here. First order of business however is to level up Sara to the level Octy and Kali are on!
Wild Boneka: CSunnymilk; CStar S; CLunachild; CWriggle (Bug)
Bug Catcher Lyle: CSunnymilk (LV3); CStar S (LV3); CLunachild (LV3); CCirno (LV3)
Team Grunt: CSuwako (LV9, Ground/Water)
Bug Catcher James: CLunachild (LV6); CLunachild (LV6)

Before I can finish grinding however, I come across a man looking for CWriggles. Poor guy. I'd feel bad if I was searching a fairy infested forest for a doll too. But just when I'm about to pack up and leave him behind, a person with a blue bandanna decides to pay a little visit. So... a Devon employee is loitering in a forest, holding important papers? The person with the bandanna turns out to be a member of Team . (Team Aqua renamed after a town on the Upper Nile.)

No need to scream like a little girl. >>;

Are grunts really THAT scary? Well, that's debatable later. The grunt wants those papers, and no we're the only thing standing in his way. Know what that means? Yup, time for another smackdown~

Trainer - Team Grunt!
Boneka: CSuwako (LV9, Ground/Water)
Nothing too tough. CSuwako may try to stall a bit with Defense Curl though.

After that rather easy battle the grunt runs away, but not before saying he has business in Kanazumi. (Rustboro) Cool story bro? The man who screamed like a little girl then gives me a Great Ball as a reward for protecting him. The forest is out of trainers now, so I'm forced to exit on the other side to find some more. (Route 104)
Very Rich Boy Winston: CMugetsu (LV7, Normal)
Lass Haley: CEirin (LV6, Water/Poison); CKaguya (LV6; Grass/Psychic)
Twins Mia & Gina: CShizuha (LV6, Grass); CMinoriko (LV6; Grass)
Fisherman Ivan: CHina (LV5); CHina (LV6); CHina (LV7)

Game Over B*tch. >:3

We're now in Kanazumi City! Home to the first Gym! And the first taste of the game getting srs bns. ._.;
Octy (CKurumi; LV10)
Kali (CKogasa; LV11)
Sara (CSara; LV10)
Till next Phantasm~

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    @Hypersonic: Sorry, it was. .__.; So used to playing normal Pokemon games. xD The name is "Great Orb". The prefixed names are all the same, just with Orb instead of Ball.
    There is an exception to this rule however; the Master Ball. It was renamed Heaven Orb.
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    Of course! I accidently checked a random box again. >>; Should be fixed now.


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