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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 43

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Stranded in hostile territory. QQ

Chapter 43 - Dream Battle

Thankfully, I found a door leading back to my time. This door leads me to the Present timeline, but a totally new place. Surabaya! Here, the Java Grand League awaits challengers who have collected all 7 Gems. I'm missing the Amethys and Sapphire. QQ So, I'll leave that alone for now. From here, I find my way back to Semarang so that I can punch that idiot in the mouth for blocking my pathway back, causing me to become stranded to begin with.
I have a few options at this point. I could either explore the Lost Age of Java more, or I could continue my campaign in the present timeline. I decided to explore the past, considering that I can't get much farther in present anyway.

In the past, there are 3 Admins. If I defeat them, a new place is opened up. Presumably, this is where I may find new stuff to do. So... let's take these targets out!

Admin #1 Adan
ExParsee (LV85)
ExTewi (LV85)
Elis (LV85)
DEReimu (LV94)
LSatori (LV90)
LMarisa (LV94)

Easy enough. 2 left.

Admin #2 Shin
ExMerlin (LV88)
STenshi (LV88)
ExLyrica (LV88)
ExLunasa (LV88)
ExYuki (LV88)

This was a joke tbh. ._. One more left.

Admin #3 Shinso
LAya (LV88)
DESuika (LV88)
ExShou (LV88)
ARan (LV90)
AEirin (LV88)
ExKana (LV88)

Rather annoying. Entry hazard abuse, poisoning, and sandstorm damage all meant to wear you down.
With that, passage to the North Cave is possible now. Inside are two Last Words.

Last Word - Eiki!

All it took was a Hell's Tokamak. Another LW defeated.

Last Word - Mokou! (BGM ~ Hourai Victim)

However, that's not ALL that's to be found here. A girl from the present timeline named Yukai is seen standing at a dead end passageway for whatever reason. She claims to be the younger sister of Aichi from Yogyakarta, and wants to battle me, after seeing the Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Diamond, and Pearl in my collection. I'm somewhat bored, so I obliged. =o=

For winning that oddly annoying battle, I was given the 6th Gem, the Amethys! I only need one more now..!! Yukai tells me to take these 6 Gems to Kamizawa in Surabaya's present timeline. Is this the confrontation for the last Gem?! Only one way to find out.
Kamizawa is the director of the Java Hospital located in Surabaya, but... he's also a battler too it seems. He's no small fry either!

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    Hypersonic used Caution!! Dynamo fainted! A-VIVIT fainted! LChiyuri fainted!

  2. ScarletSky's Avatar
    @Hypersonic:It's Explosion. Except... it's more associated with Okuu obviously. xD I forgot to add in the tidbit about her fainting afterward. ._.;


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