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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 41

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Bah. Tucker proved to be the most anti-climatic Frontier Brain battle so far. Q.Q Let's hope that the Battle Pyramid is different.
Also, new Frontier doll. (The) Strongest!
Species: ExCirno
Specialty: The Strongest
Typing: Ice/Water

Chapter 41 - Fighting Spirit

Q_______Q Okay... the Battle Pyramid is closed permanently. Due to a large area of the floor vanishing apparently. The cause is unknown, but it's thought to be the result of a Gap Youkai's trolling. There's only one Gap Youkai that I know of. .-.;
So... let's go to the Battle Palace. I'm... kind of afraid of this place. xD Here, you have no control over what your Boneka do at all. What moves they use, what they do period, and how the battle turns out depends purely on your Boneka's nature. Here, you have to hope your dolls are smart enough to fight effectively on their own. .____. I'm entering Tora, Strongest, and Maelstrom. Natures are Adamant, Hasty, and Hasty respectively. (Leading with Maelstrom due to her ability Drizzle. xD)

For my (lack of) effort, I received 4 Battle Points. That's good, but... it's still not the Spirit Symbol. :x

Challenge #2!

Challenge #3!

It's... it's him..!!
"And now... by winning consistently, you have earned the privilege of challenging our master, the Palace Maven..."
Like the Dome Ace Tucker, I've... never gotten to battle this guy in the original Emerald version. o-o I'm genuinely nervous, especially knowing that his team is unknown to me. Maelstrom, (The) Strongest, and Tora... give it everything you've got!!

Attendant: "Let great fanfare announce the arrival of the Palace Maven, Spenser!"
And with that, the Palace Maven walks into the arena, preceeded by a Yukari and Mystia that seem to be spectating.
Spenser: "My physical being is with Boneka always! My heart beats as one with Boneka always! Young one of a trainer! Do you believe in your Boneka? Can you believe them through and through? If your bonds of trust are frail, you will never beat my brethren! The bond you share with your Boneka! Prove it to me here!"

Showdown for the Spirit Symbol ~ Palace Maven Spenser!!


(Maelstrom VS ExRika) Maelstrom used Thunder! (ExRika @35%) ExRika flew up high! Maelstrom used Thunder! ExRika fainted!
Alright, good.

(Maelstrom VS SSLunasa) Maelstrom used Thunder! It's Super Effective! SSLunasa fainted!

(Maelstrom VS... Chibi Kirisame) ...Oh for Christ's sake, I feel like I'm getting trolled here. >.<
(Maelstrom VS CKirisame) Maelstrom used Memento! CKirisame fainted!

=o=; For winning, I get the Spirit Symbol. Huh. Something tells me the developer forgot to edit the teams of some of the Frontier Brains. Anyway... let's try another challenge! The Battle Arena!

Here, the quirk is unorthodox. Battles between Boneka can only last 3 turns. When those 3 turns are up, the Boneka with the lowest health is automatically fainted. (Most of the time.) This place is home to the Guts Symbol, and the Arena Tycoon! Let's give it a try.

Challenge #1!

That was easy. .____.; Hopefully the next round is actually a challenge. xD

Challenge #2!

I like the rules here. =w= They effectively prevent stalling, which is a welcome idea. But still, the Arena Tycoon doesn't seem to be here yet.

Challenge #3!

Challenge #4!

Arena Attendant: "My dear challenger! Your skill level is truly astounding!" (=w=) "We now would like you to face our leader, the Arena Tycoon!"
Now things get interesting. Wonder what he or she is like?

"The Arena Tycoon! Make way for Greta!"
Greta:" Hey! Howdy! ...Wait, are you the challenger?"
Yup. :o
"Is that right? Hmm... Hmhm... *begins strafing in place as though studying me* I don't know how to say it, but... to put it bluntly, you look pretty weak. Are you sure you're up for me? Hmm... Well, all right! We'll take things easy to start with!"
Eh? Someone's mouthy. Wait till the battle's done before you judge me. =o=;
"Okay! Let's see you ignite my passion for battle!"

Showdown for the Guts Symbol ~ Arena Tycoon Greta!!


(Maelstrom VS ExEirin) Maelstrom used Thunder! It's Super Effective! ExEirin fainted!

(Maelstrom VS Mokou) Maelstrom used Thunder! (Mokou @5%) Mokou used Confuse Ray! Maelstrom was confused! Maelstrom used Thunder! Mokou fainted!

(Maelstrom VS Ghost) Maelstrom used Heart Break! It's Super Effective! Ghost fainted!

*yawn* With that, I have 5 Symbols. Spirit, Guts, Knowledge, Luck, and Tactics. That leaves the Bravery and Ability Symbols up for grabs. (The former of which has to be obtained at Java now. :| )

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  1. Scarlet Devil's Avatar
    Well gee, the Frontier Brains suck .-.

  2. Karisse's Avatar
    Wow, the FBs are total pushovers now XD

    And it was hilarious reading all of those quotes.
  3. Night Sky's Avatar
    Everything went into Kanto, Java, and of course Hoenn unfortunately. ._.;
    And yes, half of these quotes can make you giggle for little reason at all. xD "I WILL THRASH MY TOYS!!!!!"


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