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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 40

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by , 21st January 2012 at 09:42 PM (2045 Views)
We have a new doll on the Battle Frontier Roster. :> Maelstrom.
Species: DarkExMarisa
Ability: Drizzle
Typing: Electric/Dark

And with this, it's time to hunt a few more Last Words.

Chapter 40: Ridiculous Game

According to the scientist at the Weather Institute, a drought has been recorded over Route 116. This is probably LUtsuho's doing.
Sure enough, a cave has appeared. The Subterranean Flare! Inside is my next target, LUtsuho.

I've been a tad bored recently, not playing at the Battle Frontier. D: Why not try to grab another one of the symbols? This time, I'll aim for... the Tactics Symbol, at the Battle Dome! Home to some of the grandest tournaments in Hoenn!!

Challenge #1!

Challenge #1 ends with me winning and getting a whopping ONE battle point. 83 So.. I think you guys have an idea of what's going on here. ._.; So... the next round won't be as detailed. xD Sorry, but having to link to so many images is actually pretty tedious work. x_x;

Challenge #2!

In the end, Flan's weak defenses proved to be her undoing. Thankfully, Tora was able to kick the enemy's ass on her own. I got... ONE BATTLE POINT. 8D I feel so accomplished!

Challenge #3

For the poor performance I put on, I got more BP than my last two challenges. >w>; 2. But where's the Dome Ace?

Challenge #4

Challenge #9001

*walks onto the stage* *Tucker walks out and begins jumping and prancing in front of the audience* >.>;
Spectators: "Tucker! Tucker! Tucker! Tucker!"
Tucker: "Ahahah! Do you hear it? This crowd! They're all itching to see our match! Ahahah! I bet you're twitching all over from the tension of getting to battle me! But don't you worry about a thing! I'm the no. 1 star of the Battle Dome! I, Tucker the Dome Ace, will bathe you in my brilliant glow! Your strategy! Let's see it!"
Announcer: The Final Battle! Sky versus the Dome Ace, Tucker! Let the battle begin!"

Showdown for the Tactics Symbol ~ Dome Ace Tucker!!

I'm going to enjoy seeing the crowd throw tomatoes and other rotten vegetables at this guy when he loses. >w>

(Maelstrom VS ChibiNazrin) ...*facepalm* Maelstrom used Thunder! CNazrin fainted!
Did my eyes just deceive me, or did I just witness fail on an almost mythical scale?

(Maelstrom VS ExMurasa) Maelstrom used Thunder! It's Super Effective! ExMurasa fainted!

.______________________________________. And you mean to tell me that this guy actually made it to the finals? -.-; I'm... appalled. Truly. And this is coming from a very bad player as it is. Tactics Symbol is mine, yay. But it doesn't feel worth it. xD

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    My gosh, that was the most anticlimactic Frontier Brain battle EVER. XD
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