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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. ⑨

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Last time, I did a lot. .___.; Too lazy to say what.

Chapter ⑨ - Brawly, the Legendary Super Saiyan Gym Leader

I elected to go to Kaina to train some more.

By canon, this beach should be frozen over because it's Winter. ;P

Several trainers are here. Nice spot to level up 1-2 times in preparation for the Muro Gym. Nothing noteworthy here just yet. ;P Renamed CMokou to Shadow and CUtsuho to Hypersonic. Our business here is done!
Needless to say... this Gym could present a few problems.


Fighting types are everywhere. The Gym Leader obviously isn't a pushover either. Let's get the trainers out of the way first though!
Battle Girl ??? (forgot to write her name down D:): CMeiling
Black Belt Takao: CMokou (LV13)
Battle Girl Lilith: CMeiling (LV13)
Sailor Brenden: CSuika (picture below)
Battle Girl: CIchirin

Now, only Brawly remains. D: (This is about the moment where I wish I had a few Revives or something. =~=;)

- A Big Wave in Fighting ~ Brawly!! -
CSuika (LV16)
CSakuya (LV16)
CMeiling (LV18)

This can either be VERY hard or pitifully easy. If there is one Boneka that would wreck Brawly the most, it's CRin/Rin. You can find one back in Kanto, right outside where the Viridian Forest was. Rare encounter, but worth it if this fight presents difficulty for you. Rin OHKOs his Sakuya with a Fire attack, or at least does heavy damage and receives little pain in return. Rin also walls Meiling entirely due to it's typing. Ghost makes it immune to Fighting attacks, while it's other type (Fire) blocks Meiling's Elemental Punches. There is one flaw to this strategy however. CSuika will own Rin if you send her out first with Rock Throw.
If you don't have a Rin on hand... (like me) G'luck. If you at least have a Fire type period, CSakuya will give little trouble. CSuika hinders this strategy too though. (And I have TWO Fire types. xD) Flying types seem like a good idea due to type match-ups, but CSuika and Meiling will blast them out of the air with a super effective attack. Meiling herself soaks up physical damage without effort. If you have Special Attacks, USE them. Flash in particular can make this fight much easier. (Flash is now a Psychic move with 70 base power that sometimes reduces accuracy in these games.)
With a great level of patience, the Knuckle Badge will be yours.

(CSuika VS Kali) CSuika used Oni Binding! It failed... (GREAT. AI.) Kali use Lick! CSuika was Paralyzed! (CSuika @95%) (Yay!) Kali used Astonish! (CSuika @75%) CSuika flinched! Kali used Astonish! (CSuika @65%) CSuika used Rock Throw! (Kali @55%) Kali used Astonish! (CSuika @55%) CSuika flinched! Kali used Astonish! (CSuika @45%) CSuika used Rock Throw! (Kali @5%; Oran Berry is consumed; so... Kali @35%) (CSuika's Oran Berry is consumed; CSuika @55%) *calls back Kali* *Stardust is sent out* CSuika used Rock Throw! It's Super Effective! (Stardust @15%, due to held Oran Berry)

(CSuika VS Stardust) CSuika used Mach Punch! (Stardust @1%) Stardust used Jump Kick! It's Super Effective! (CSuika @35%) *Soda Pop is used on Stardust* CSuika used Mach Punch! (Stardust @75%) Stardust used Jump Kick! CSuika fainted!
God, that took long enough.

(Meiling VS Hypersonic) Meiling used Dynamic Punch! (Hypersonic @10% QQ) Hypersonic was Confused! Hypersonic hit itself in confusion! (Hypersonic @1%) Meiling used Ice Punch! Hypersonic fainted! Hypersonic's Nuclear Body burned foe Meiling!

I thought he was switching in Sakuya. >>; Wasn't paying attention. D:

(Meiling VS Kali) Kali's Intimidate cuts foe Meiling's Attack! Meiling is hurt by it's burn! (Meiling @90%) Meiling used Ice Punch! (Kali @15%) Kali used Astonish! (Meiling @75%, adding in Burn damage) Meiling used Fire Punch! Kali fainted!

(Meiling VS Octy) Meiling used Dynamic Punch! It missed... Octy used Mega Drain! (Meiling @45% factoring in Burn damage) Meiling used Dynamic Punch! It's Super Effective! Octy fainted! (-.-;) (Burn damage puts Meiling @35%)

(Stardust VS Meiling) Meiling used Karate Chop! (Stardust @15%) Stardust used Seal Needle! (Meiling @5% with Burn damage) Meiling used Ice Punch! Stardust fainted!

That leaves one last Boneka.
(Meiling VS Shadow) Meiling fainted! (Burn damage ftw)

(CSakuya VS Shadow) CSakuya used PrivatSquare! It's not very effective... (Shadow @85%) Shadow used Ember! Critical Hit! It's Super Effective! CSakuya fainted!
And with that, Brawly falls like a stack of bricks.

Shadow: *trollface*

With the Knuckle Badge in hand, we're one step closer to the Boneka League. :o But before we head to Kaina... I should fetch one last Boneka from Kanto.

Shadow (CMokou; LV16)
Octy (CKurumi; LV14)
Hypersonic (CUtusho; LV14)
Stardust (CReimu; LV15)
Kali (CKogasa; LV14)

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  1. Meta_Knight's Avatar
    @Hypersonic: I'm sorry. D: I meant to send you out against Sakuya. xD Didn't realize I messed up badly until I saw Meiling come out instead..
    But at least you burned her. Without that, the match would've been harder.


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