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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 39

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Frontier Update:
NEW Frontier Doll - Flan Flan!
Species: ExFlandre
Specialty: Wall Breaker
Typing: Fire/Dark

Her ability Destruction nearly doubles her Attack stat, which makes Steel Fist and Brofist incredibly powerful. Cute name, but deadly to fight.
Steele and Tora have also been leveled up to LV62, and Steele knows Cross Chop instead of Brick Break now.

Chapter 39: Spring Path

Inside the settlement of Solo, there is a peculiar house. A sign outside simply reads "Aan's house". But... inside... There is a tunnel. O_o; This tunnel leads to a vast cave maze seemingly underground. The darkness of this cave makes it very difficult to see. The use of Flash is required! AYukari! Let there be light! But even lighting the place up only makes it somewhat more navigable. ._.; It's really shown to be a maze now. What kind of person would dig such an elaborate tunnel?
When I finally reach what seems to be the other end... I come across a pretty normal looking room. There is a book and a bed. Why not see what the book says?
It turns out to be a diary.
"Aan's Memo, October 28th 20XX
I don't know if that was a dream or reality. Me and my only Boneka, Hina were in an unknown place. It seems that place is not in our world. Underwater? It seems so... and... there was a person there with a unique hat just like a frog. I found a strange paper and put that into the last page of this book."
This beckons me to open to the last page. And suddenly, I prove that I'm NOT mute. :D
Whatever the paper was... it sent me to this location.
...the same place described in the diary?! Don't I need scuba gear to be down here?! Dx *breathes* *is able to breathe alright* o-o Well... looking over a slight ways, I can see the person with the frog-like hat. It's Suwako Moriya! Or possibly one of the CSuwakos, ExSuwakos, Suwakos, or LSuwakos modeled after her anyway. But that's all this room seems to yield. =~=; Time to find my way back. xD

After finally seeing the light of day again, it's time to challenge Woofle. He's... actually a lot easier than Tenshi. O_o;

AOI Elite SP Trainer - Woofle!

DarkExYukari (LV90)
Toyohime (LV92)
Kasen (LV91)
Last Word - Koishi (LV89)
ExMitori (LV90)
Last Word - Kana (LV90)

(Hypersonic VS DEYukari) Hypersonic used Hell's Tokamak! (DEYukari @48%, 40% with the following burn damage) DEYukari was burned! DEYukari used Gap! DEYukari used Earthquake! It's Super Effective! (Hypersonic @75%) DEYukari used Psikokinesis! (Hypersonic @30%, f*cking Quick Claw >.>;) Hypersonic used Hell's Tokamak! It missed! (Yukari: "lol, u mad?") Hypersonic used Hell's Tokamak! DEYukari fainted!

(Mizu VS Toyohime) Mizu used Confuse Ray! It missed! (Zuh?) Toyohime used Earthquake! It missed! (The trolling goes both ways =w=) Mizu used Confuse Ray! Toyohime was confused! Toyohime used Earthquake! (Mizu @65%) Mizu used Shadow Ball! It's Super Effective! (Toyohime @47%) Toyohime hurt itself in confusion! (Toyohime @40%) Mizu used Shadow Ball! Toyohime fainted!

Few dolls out there can troll as hard as Mizu does. And she's at LV82. xD

(Dynamo VS Kasen) Dynamo used Ice Beam! It's Super Effective! Kasen fainted!

(Shadow VS LKoishi) Shadow used Submission! It's Super Effective! (LKoishi @35%, Shadow @85% with recoil) LKoishi used Thunderbolt! (Shadow @65%) Shadow used Submission! LKoishi fainted!

(Stardust VS ExMitori) Stardust used Musou Tensei! (EMitori @46%) EMitori used Hydro Pump! It missed! Stardust used Musou Tensei! EMitori fainted!

Like always, Stardust makes this look too easy. =w= Cuz she's badass like that.

(Stardust VS LKana) Stardust used Shadow Ball! It's Super Effective! (LKana @66%) LKana used Perish Song! All affected Boneka will faint in 3 turns! LKana's Poltergeist blocks Perish Song! Stardust's Perish count fell to 3! Stardust used Shadow Ball! (LKana @38%) LKana used Lost Dreams! It missed! Stardust used Shadow Ball! LKana fainted!

For our efforts, I am awarded the Topaz. Woofle tells me to seek out Kyruzei or something like that. ._.; This town is an intersection of sorts. Mt. Aurora is to the north, the Rivery Pass is to the west, the Trappy Pass is south, and... this place is to the East. O_o; Let's... take a look-see, and try to figure out why it lacks a name.

Ruin Maniac Saihamaru: ExPatchouli (LV75) x4 (Afterward, he comments that some people in this area are connected to Gensokyo. O-o;)
Blackbelt Kimochi: ExSuika (LV74) ExYuugi (LV74) ExSara (LV74) ExMeiling (LV74) ExOrange (LV74)
Cosu Maniac Ramen Rider: ExKanako (LV77) ExSuwako (LV77)
Acute Otaku Ramen MK-II: ExElly (LV77) ExKurumi (LV77) ("Hentei..." Best conversation starter ever.)
Expert Raiha: ExYuyuko (LV75) ExMima (LV75) Shinki (LV75) ExYoumu (LV75)
Guitarist Argo S69: Hakurei (LV80) Kirisame (LV80)("GO HAKUREI!!")
But... that's all that can be found here. QQ It's a dead end. And Mt. Aurora is closed off to anyone without an Aurora Ticket. :| So... it looks like we'll have to take the Rivery Pass. The gimmick here is obvious. There's a river to surf across. /captain obvious

Acute Otaku Project Arm: Rinnosuke (LV90)
Cool Trainer Eyes Cream: ExChiyuri (LV75) ExAlice (LV75) ExNitori (LV75)ExMitori (LV75)
Anak Muda Urs4chan: ExCirno (LV76) ExPatchouli (LV76) ACirno (LV76)
Ghostly Club DevilKazuma: ExRumia (LV74) ExKoakuma (LV74) ExEiki (LV74) ExRemilia (LV74) ExGengetsu (LV76)
Lady AOI Chan: PWriggle (LV76) ExEllen (LV76) GMystia
Lass Ai Chan: ExNitori (LV77) ExMitori (LV77)

That was pretty simple imo. I've wound up at a new town. Semarang. :O After doing some snooping around, I come across a man who claims to have been given a strange coupon by a mysterious woman. Her name? "Yukari". It's a Zero Coupon! I'm not sure what it is used for, but it says "Patchouli" on it.

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Rivery Pass? Seriously? .___.
  2. ScarletSky's Avatar
    I wasn't the one who named it. =~=; lol.
    Yogyakarta. Solo. Semarang.
    So far, these are all actual town names in the country Indonesia. (Mostly located in the island of Java predictably.)


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