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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 33

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by , 13th January 2012 at 02:52 PM (1688 Views)
With the main storyline behind us, now it's time to explore what else the game has to offer.

Chapter 33 - Tomorrow will be Sunny

NEW Battle Frontier Doll - Enma-sama!
Species: SSEiki
Specialty: Balanced
Typing: Psychic/Water

This could be a hassle. According to the scientist at the Weather Institute, extremely heavy rainfall is being recorded at Route 105! Shall we take a look-see?
And sure enough, Route 105 is plagued by heavy rain and lightning. There is... also a spot to Dive at. Hm...

Diving underwater, I soon find the entrance to the Ground Suwa Lake. Inside, someone awfully familiar is waiting...
Last Word Suwako! It's time to take her down!

Last Word - Suwako (BGM - Native Faith)

(Mizu VS LSuwako) Mizu used Confuse Ray! LSuwako was confused! LSuwako hurt itself in confusion! (LSuwako @95%) Mizu used Surf! (LSuwako @75%) LSuwako hurt itself in confusion! (LSuwako @70%) Mizu used Shadow Ball! Critical hit! (LSuwako @40%) LSuwako snapped out of confusion! LSuwako used Mishaguji! (Mizu @60%) Mizu used Shadow Ball! (LSuwako @30%) LSuwako used Earthquake! Mizu fainted!


(Matsu VS LSuwako) LSuwako used Kero Destiny! It's not very effective... (Matsu @25%)
Damn. That hurt. O_o; Full Restore. LSuwako needs to recharge! LSuwako used Earthquake! It's Super Effective! Matsu fainted!

(Stardust VS LSuwako) Stardust used Extrasensory! (LSuwako @10%) LSuwako used Kero Destiny! It missed! Stardust used Musou Tensei! LSuwako fainted!

(I DID try capturing it as you can probably guess, but then I remembered that I wasn't out to capture the Last Words. xD)

Last Word - Suwako (X)
A drop in the bucket, but still better than nothing.

Now. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to pay the Battle Frontier a visit so I can Fly there in the future. But... that requires me to take a boat ride. x_x On the ferry, I'm given the Frontier Pass. On this boat, a few trainers are loitering around.
Young Lovers Lea & Jed: ExReimu (LV45) & Hakurei (LV45)
Very Rich Boy Garret: Rinnosuke (LV45)
Gentleman Micah: Shou (LV44) Nazrin (LV44)
Gentleman Thomas: ExMokou (LV45)
Lady Naomi: Hatate (LV45)
Plush Fan: FMeiling, FMeiling (LV36), FMeiling (LV40), FMeiling (LV12), FMeiling (LV30), FPatchouli
Sailor Phillip: ExKomachi (LV44) ExMomiji (LV44)
Sailor Leonard: ExParsee (LV43) ExElly (LV43) ExUtsuho (LV43)

And after we make landfall at Kaina, I get back on the ferry AGAIN to head to the Battle Frontier. xD
Let's take up a little side quest. WAAAAAY back in the early days of the playthrough, I met up with a trainer claiming to be from the Java Region. This region is able to traveled to now. Well.. after a side quest of course.
First, I had to talk to a Gentleman who directed me towards the Johto region originally. There, I found a fat guy who told me to go BACK to Hanada City to find a weird group of people, who then gave me the Ruby. With this, I should be able to pass the guard blocking the way to Mt. Silver, where another piece of the puzzle lies.
Yes, this DOES require a lot of running around, but at least we can get to Mt. Silver now.
Outside of Mt. Silver, there are lots of grass patches. These grass patches are full of high-leveled Advent dolls oddly enough. O_o; (Advent Mokou, Mystia, Marisa, etc)

Mt. Silver is annoying to get through. It's maze-like, and has an incredibly high encounter rate. >.>; Geez. Can't I just be told how to get to this place?
Further inside of Mt. Silver is... Steven? He's training here apparently, and would like a battle..

" I am the bone of my sword
Steel is my body and fire is my blood
I have created over a thousand blades
Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
Have withstood pain to create many weapons
Yet, those hands will never hold anything
So as I pray, unlimited blade works."

(Yes, Steven is directly quoting a line from Fate/stay Night. I'm not sure why, but it's probably meant to be the game's designer making a shout out. xD Granted however-- it has Engrish here and there, like some other dialogues in the game.)

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    You might want to consider getting an Advent Mokou given she

    Though it's at level 80. And I don't know why is she the only one who does that though... Cirno or Marisa would've made more sense I'd think.
  2. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
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    I was considering that actually. ._.;
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    *Googles lyrics* So...Steven likes anime? xD


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