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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 30

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It's getting closer to the end.

Chapter 30 - The Final Stretch

This Victory Road is a lot shorter than the Hoenn one, but still quite annoying due to the large amount of trainers. None of them can be snuck past unfortunately. >>;

Cool Trainer Kuncoro: ExKaguya (LV38) ExYuyuko (LV42) ExRan (LV40) ExNazrin
Cool Trainer Berry: ExSakuya (LV41) ExIku (LV41) ExMystia (LV41) ExYuki (LV41) ExCirno (LV41)
Cool Trainer Adelia: Nue (LV41) ExTokiko (LV41) ExReimu (LV44)
Cool Trainer Fajar N.: ExYuugi (LV42) SSLunasa (LV43) ExSuika (LV42) ExLetty (LV42)
Cool Trainer Agus S.B.K.: ExChen (LV41) ExKana (LV41) ExTenshi (LV41) ExYoumu (LV41)
Cool Trainer Rin: AdventReisen (LV44) AdventMokou (LV44)
Cool Trainer Itzi: ExPatchouli (LV43) ExAlice (LV44)
Cool Trainer Fauzan: ExAlice (LV42) Hourai (LV43) Shanghai (LV43)

After ages of training, Stardust finally learns Musou Tensei! But now there is a new problem... I can't trade anything on my current team. Meaning? Everything stays in Ex form or lower. >>; So yeah. Totally wasted my time waiting to get that move.
That also means the Elite Four will be more difficult. There is a bright side to this however: I have a surplus of cash, so I'm able to buy a few Revives and Full Restores. .-.; But still. This is going to be a blast. xD
The first member of the Elite Four is Sidney; a user of Dark types.
"Welcome challenger! I'm Sidney of the Elite Four. I like that look you're giving me. I guess you'll give me a good match. That's good! Looking real good! All right! You and me, let's enjoy a battle that can only be staged here in the Boneka League!!"

Epic Trainer Sidney!

Last Word Yuuka
Final Rumia

Epic indeed. QQ

(Shadow VS ExShou) Shadow used Will-o-Wisp! ExShou was burned! ExShou used Poison Bomb! (Shadow @85%, ExShou @90%) Shadow used Submission! It missed.. ExShou used Poison Bomb! Critical hit! (Shadow @65%, ExShou @80%) Shadow used Submission! It's Super Effective! ExShou fainted! (Shadow @45% with recoil)

Simple enough, right?

(Shadow VS Last Word Yuuka) Shadow used Flamethrower! It's Super Effective! (LYuuka @45%) LYuuka used Earthquake! It missed! (Held Lax Incense ftw) Shadow used Flamethrower! LYuuka fainted!

That's about where the fun ends though. QQ


(Matsu VS Tensoku) Tensoku's Intimidate cuts Matsu's attack! Matsu used Sleep Powder! (Quick Claw) Tensoku fell asleep! Tensoku is fast asleep. Matsu used Surf! It's Super Effective! (Quick Claw again xD, Tensoku @40%) Tensoku is fast asleep. Tensoku is fast asleep. Matsu used Surf! Tensoku fainted!
Fresh out of the factory without a warranty, and already broken. :3

(Matsu VS ExFlandre) ExFlandre used Heart Break! (Matsu @70%) Matsu used Surf! It's Super Effective! ExFlandre fainted!

(Shadow VS FRumia) Full Restore is used on Shadow. FRumia used Cross Chop! (Shadow @65%) FRumia used Mind's Eye! FRumia's Attack sharply rose! Shadow used Will-o-Wisp! FRumia was burned! (FRumia @95%) FRumia used Cross Chop! (Shadow @15%) Shadow used Flamethrower! (FRumia @25% with burn damage) FRumia used Brick Break! Shadow fainted!
No worries.

(Stardust VS FRumia) FRumia used Cross Chop! (Stardust @45%) Stardust used Musou Tensei! FRumia fainted!

Not too shabby. The outcome probably would've been different if Tensoku wasn't put to sleep earlier. >>;

The next member is Phoebe, the Ghost user. With a team seemingly trained at Mt. Pyre itself, she promises to be a much tougher opponent.
"Ahaha! I'm Phoebe of the Elite Four. I did my training on Mt. Pyre. While I trained, I gained the ability to commune with Ghost-type Boneka. Yes, the bond I have developed with Boneka is extremely tight. So, come on, just try to see if you can even inflict damage to my Boneka!"

Epic Trainer Phoebe!

Final Yuyuko
Final Youmu

Elite Four Member #2. As such, she's a cut above Sidney. A cut above Sidney, but not a cut above me!

(Mizu VS FYuyuko) Mizu used Confuse Ray! FYuyuko was confused! FYuyuko hurt itself in confusion! (FYuyuko @100% thanks to held Leftovers) Mizu used Shadow Ball! It's Super Effective! (FYuyuko @65%) FYuyuko hurt itself in confusion! Mizu used Shadow Ball! FYuyuko's Sp. Def fell! (FYuyuko @35%) FYuyuko used Yawn! Mizu became drowsy! Mizu used Shadow Ball! FYuyuko fainted!

(Hypersonic VS FYoumu) FYoumu used Mind's Eye! FYoumu's Attack sharply rose! Hypersonic used Flamethrower! It's Super Effective! FYoumu fainted!

Prediction fail?

(Mizu VS Youki) Mizu used Confuse Ray! Youki was Confused! Youki hurt itself in confusion! (Youki @95%) Mizu used Shadow Ball! (Youki @50%) Youki used Sakura Storm! It's Super Effective! Mizu fainted!


(Dynamo VS Youki) Youki used Earthquake! It's Super Effective! (Dynamo @15%) Dynamo used Thunderbolt! (Youki @25%) Youki used Shadow Ball! Dynamo fainted!
Ack. o-o

(Shadow VS Youki) Youki used Earthquake! It's Super Effective! (Shadow @35%) Shadow used Flamethrower! It's Super Effective! Youki fainted!

(Shadow VS ExOrange) Shadow used Will-o-Wisp! ExOrange was burned! ExOrange used Dizzy Punch! (Shadow @15%) Shadow used Submission! Critical Hit! It's Super Effective! (ExOrange @15%) Shadow fainted! (Recoil)

(Stardust VS ExOrange) ExOrange's Liechi Berry raised it's Attack! Ex Orange is hurt by it's burn! (ExOrange @5%, and yes... I made ExOrange skip her turn by letting Shadow faint due to recoil it seems. xD) Stardust used Musou Tensei! ExOrange fainted!


(Matsu VS Layla) Layla used Psikokinesis! It's Super Effective! (Matsu @10%) Matsu used Sleep Powder! Layla fell asleep! Layla is fast asleep. Matsu used Surf! (Layla @40%) Matsu used Surf! Layla fainted! (Quick claw ftw)

Despite what it looks like... if Layla had KO'd Matsu, I would've been in serious trouble. ._.;

Matsu (ExEirin, LV55)
Stardust (Reimu, LV55)
Mizu (ExParsee, LV54)
Shadow (ExMokou, LV55)
Dynamo (ExChiyuri, LV54)
Hypersonic (SSUtsuho, LV54)

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Cool Trainer Fajar N.
    Cool Trainer Agus S.B.K.

    What sort of names are those? .__.

    Also, Matsu + Quick Claw is WIN!
  2. ScarletSky's Avatar
    They were probably named after people who helped create World Link. ^^; Mostly because the two names sound so odd.


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