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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 29

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A so begins the long, unforgiving travel through Victory Road. I did some grinding last night, and I feel the team should be ready now.

Chapter 29 - Eye of Changes

But first... got to make it to Saiyuu (Evergrande). =~=; That means... MORE WATER. Luckily, I know my way there. xD

Saiyuu only exists for one purpose: Victory Road. With that in mind, it's time to begin our harrowing expedition!
Victory Road is home to some of the region's most elite trainers. They got here through the very same work as me. Sadly... I'll have brush each one of them aside.

Cool Trainer Albert: ExFlandre (LV43) ExRika (LV43)

However... a certain someone shows up again, as though it's the game's way of tying up loose ends.

It's Wally! He's back, and much stronger than our previous struggle! And he intends to defeat me, for his precious Boneka.. I'm going to feel really bad after this is all said and done.

BN Trainer Wally
Byakuren (LV44)
ExRikako (LV43)
ExMarisa (LV41)
ExPatchouli (LV44)
ExEllen (LV45)

He tried hard, but... he fell. Sorry man. :< Touhoumon is srs bns.

Cool Trainer Hope: ExReimu

Further down into Victory Road's depths... I can't see anything. Dx It's too dark. Dynamo, let there be light! Flash!!

Cool Trainer Samuel: ExWriggle (LV42), ExMeira, ExKeine (H)
Cool Trainer Julie: ExYuugi (LV42) ExSuika (LV42) ExRin (LV42)

You know... early in this playthrough, I was convinced this team wouldn't even come close to getting as far as I am now.. Odd, isn't it?

Cool Trainer: ExYumemi, ExKanako (LV42) ExNitori (LV42)
Cool Trainer Dianne: Shinki (LV43) ExLouise (LV43)
Cool Trainer Felix: ExSakuya, ExAlice (LV43)
Cool Trainer Caroline: ExYuki (LV43) ExReisen (LV43)
Cool Trainer Vito: Hakurei, ExEllen (LV42) VIVIT (LV42)
Cool Trainer Michelle: Nazrin (LV42) ExMerlin (LV42) ExElly (LV42)
Cool Trainer Edgar: ExRumia (LV43) Youki (LV43)

After a very long time of traveling through this damn cave, I've finally surfaced again! Here I come Boneka lea- wait... what?

...what happened here? I only see rocks and rubble strewn about..
After several minutes of searching, the culprit has been found. Yukari Yakumo. An accident seemingly occurred due to a slip up on her part with her powers over boundaries. It destroyed the surrounding area, but she transported the Boneka League to the site of the former Indigo Plateau back in Kanto. (Which she COULD actually do if she wanted to for all I know, as her power also allows her to teleport herself and other people/objects) Or, in Yukarian she is saying "I'm Yukari Yakumo. I made you waste your time in Victory Road just to come up here and find nothing. lol u mad?" She does however offer us a chance to find out where all of these dolls came from however. As stated in the game's prologue, this place is... Gensokyo.

It's Reimu! Dx Run before she hits you over the head with a gohei!

This place is... different to say the least. Although there isn't much to explore, grinding is possible here. The wild Boneka here are around LV50, usually higher than the levels on my team right now. x.x Upon venturing through Gensokyo's Youkai Road, I reach the Human Village. Here, two trainers can be found; fought back-to-back.

BN Trainer Kiyo: ExYoumu (LV50) ExKeine (H) [LV50] ExAlice (LV50) DarkExReimu AdventTewi

BN Trainer Nero: Youki (LV52), ExByakuren, ExKeine (LV52) ExReisen (LV52) DarkExSuika (LV52)

After doing some running around town, I come across a house with a sign in front of it that reads "Akyuu Residence". Inside, a girl named Hieda no Akyuu gives me a rundown of why things are the way they are. (It's a story only Touhou fans would be interested in hearing. =p) Afterwards, she gives me a Boneka. Fittingly, it's modeled after herself. It's an Akyuu! And it's holding... a Last Tag! I could use this to evolve Shadow, Matsu, or Dynamo.
Anyway, I think we should head to the Indigo Plateau already. ._.; Upon arriving the- Whaaaaaaaaat?!

...another Victory Road? D8


Shadow (ExMokou, LV51)
Stardust (Reimu, LV52)
Hypersonic (SSUtsuho, LV52)
Dynamo (ExChiyuri, LV51)
Matsu (ExEirin, LV52)
Mizu (ExParsee, LV52)

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Updated 10th January 2012 at 02:38 PM by ScarletSky



  1. Karisse's Avatar
    One Victory Road is bad enough, but two!? ._.
  2. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Thankfully, this one only requires the use of one HM. Waterfall. ._.;
  3. Stardust Reverie's Avatar
    You could give it to Stardust, and use a Heart Scale for your oh so wanted Musou Tensei. :P
  4. ScarletSky's Avatar
    I want her to be a Dark Reimu though. xD I want to try and get past the E4 without a Last Word on the team this time around, as I always won using a Last Word Yumemi in the past. (Yes. I've beaten the World Link E4 only twice, both times using a Last Word Yumemi to do so. xD)


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