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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 28

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Little song I hum to myself at times.

Chapter 28 - Last Remote

After meeting up with Wallace inside of the Cave of Origin, it is decided that we must take a trip to the Sky Pillar. Home to a 3rd Last Word: LKanako. Getting there however requires a return to the "maze". .____. Thankfully however, I'm more familiar with the area now.

Blackbelt Koji: ExMeiling (LV34)

Upon exiting the maze in the same spot that lead me to the Underwater Cavern, it's time to begin the long voyage to the Sky Pillar! But not before I run into several middling trainers. =~=; Don't they even have a clue as to what's going on? >>

Triathlete Chase: ExMinoriko, ExSunnymilk
Triahtlete Allison: Shou, ExTokiko (LV33)
Swimmer Clarence: ExShizuha
Swimmer (F): ExLunachild (see the above picture)
Swimmer: ExKomachi (LV34)
Swimmer Katie: ExWriggle (LV33), ExYamame (LV33)
Swimmer Santiago: ExIku (LV33) ExTenshi
Triathlete Dalia: ExNitori (LV34)
Swimmer Kevin: Kedama (LV34)
Swimmer: ExMai
Swimmer Kara: ExLetty (LV34)
Swimmer Susie: ExMystia (LV34)

I decide to roost at the nearby Kinagi (Pacifidlog) Town. Here.. I come across this interesting question.


Anyway, moving on. At the Sky Pillar, I meet up with Wallace again who oddly cannot help me climb the Sky Pillar. The weather distortion has spread to the Sky Pillar too, causing him to be worried for the situation at Rune. At least he opened the sealed door for me. >>; Due to running into absolutely no wild Boneka, getting to Kanako is easy. Upon approaching the Last Word herself, it flies off as though knowing the situation at hand. You know what that means, right? Back to Rune. =o=

Everything is peaceful again. LUtsuho returns to it's home underground, and LSuwako retreats to places unknown as though nothing ever happened.
For the trouble I had to go through, Wallace bestows me with the final HM - Waterfall. And now the pathway to the final Gym has been unblocked at long last..!

The Rune Gym is home to Water and Ice types primarily, as you would expect. Everyone knows the puzzle here, so I don't need to go into detail about how annoying it is. =o=; Interestingly, all of the trainers here are female.

Lass Andrea: ExCirno (LV40)
Beauty Connie: ExLetty (LV40)
Lass Daphne: ExKomachi (LV39), ExYuyuko (LV39)
Fan: ExCirno (LV39), ExSuwako (LV39)
Beauty Tiffany: ExRumia (LV39), ExKomachi (LV39)
Lass Crissy: ExWriggle (LV39), ExMystia (LV39)
Plush Fan Bethany: ExCirno (LV35) ExLetty (LV37), ExKomachi (LV39)
Beauty Olivia: ExEirin (LV35) ExCirno (LV37) ExLilyWhite (LV39)
Beauty Bridget: ExChiyuri (LV40)
Lady: ExCirno (LV40)

I must say... Ice/Water is a bad type combination for this team to deal with. >>; And with that, only Juan the final Gym Leader remains. Considering he taught Wallace everything he knows, victory will not be earned easily! Or... so I thought.

The Gym Leader with the beauty of pure water - Juan!

ExMai (LV41)
ExLetty (LV41)
ExKogasa (LV43)
Last Word - ?????

(Matsu VS ExMai) ExMai used Psikokinesis! It's Super Effective! (Matsu @70%) Matsu used Sleep Powder! ExMai fell asleep! ExMai is fast asleep. Matsu used Surf! (ExMai @40%) ExMai is fast asleep. Matsu used Surf! ExMai fainted!

(Matsu VS ExLetty) Matsu used Surf! (ExLetty @35%) ExLetty used Earthquake! It's Super Effective! (Matsu @35%, Letty recovers HP up to 45% due to held Shell Bell) Matsu used Surf! ExLetty fainted!

(Matsu VS ExKogasa) Matsu used Surf! (ExKogasa @40%) ExKogasa used Earthquake! Matsu fainted!

(Mizu VS ExKogasa) Mizu used Shadow Ball! It's Super Effective! ExKogasa fainted!

(Shadow VS ExDaiyousei) ExDaiyousei used Miracle Wind! It's Super Effective! (Shadow @65%) Shadow used Flamethrower! It's Super Effective! (ExDaiyousei @5%) ExDaiyousei used Rest! ExDaiyousei went to sleep! (ExDaiyousei @100%) Shadow used Rock Smash! (ExDaiyousei @90% >>;) ExDaiyousei is fast asleep. Shadow used Flamethrower! ExDaiyousei fainted!

(Shadow VS Last Word - Cirno) LCirno used Surf! It's Super Effective! Shadow fainted!

(Dynamo VS Last Word Cirno) LCirno used Ice Beam! It's not very effective... (Dynamo @75%) Dynamo used Thunderbolt! It's Super Effective! (LCirno @45%) LCirno used Ice Beam! It's not very effective... (Dynamo @55%) Dynamo used Thunderbolt! LCirno fainted!

And that ladies and gentlemen concludes the Gym Leader phase of the game. This is not the end however! There remains the Boneka League. Due to that, I'll be focusing on training the team to become strong enough to take the league on. Stay tuned for the next chapter, where the quest through Victory Road will begin!

Matsu (ExEirin, LV47)
Stardust (Reimu, LV47)
Hypersonic (SSUtsuho, LV48)
Mizu (ExParsee, LV48)
Dynamo (ExChiyuri, LV47)
Shadow (ExMokou, LV47)

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
    *is amazed that Letty can learn Earthquake*

    And...why is Tenshi holding what looks like a lightsaber? ._.
  2. Stardust Reverie's Avatar
    I think you're strong enough already. :B Underleveled run gogogogogogogogo?

    Also, lol at the accidental mention you did. xD

    @Hypersonic : Um... well Letty's Ice/Rock. And Tenshi's holding the Sword of Hisou, her trademark sword that can cause earthquakes.
  3. Meta_Knight's Avatar
    @Hypersonic: If I told you that her type combo was Rock/Ice, would it make more sense? xD
  4. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
    Well, okay, those things make a lot more sense now. ._. *embarrassed*
  5. Meta_Knight's Avatar
    Don't be embarrassed lol. You shouldn't be afraid to ask questions.


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