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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 27

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by , 8th January 2012 at 07:25 PM (1314 Views)
I hate water. ;< I've seen too much of it in this region. QQ And now, I get to put up with more of it. =o=
Also while playing another THMN game yesterday evening... I found this little gem. Maybe she'll see future use at the Battle Frontier? :o
But she's my first shiny in these games. ;v;

Chapter 27 - To the Ocean Depths!

If you thought the Hoenn region's many water passages were bad as it is... World Link makes finding the Undersea Cavern Team Kodok has sped off to pure hell. =~=;

Yup. It's a maze of trees, diving spots, water to surf, and trainers to battle.
First area trainers:
Fisherman Jonah: ExHina (LV30) ExHina (LV31) ExEirin (LV32)
Fisherman Henry: ExNitori (LV31) ExHina (LV34)
Fisherman Roger: Cirno, ExLetty, Daiyousei (LV25)
Triathelete Camden: ExIku (LV33)

After overcoming an underwater maze of sorts, I've surfaced in another place. Apparently, I'm still trapped here. @.@
Wing Collect Aidan: ExTokiko (LV32), ExAya (LV32)
Cool Trainer Athena: AMarisa (LV32), ExRika

But this place is a dead end. Back to the underwater maze! 8D Soon, is surface in yet another place. Looks a bit odd, doesn't it? Diving here, I soon come across another area to surface at.

A... ticket? I must've finally lost my sanity from all this damn water. >.>

After several more dead ends and divings, I finally reach my destination. How do I know? There's a freaking submarine parked here. Now it's time to kick some ass!!
(BGM ~ Last Remote)
Team Kodok is pulling out all the stops on this mission. Grunts are on patrol. Here however, sleeps another one of the Last Word Boneka. Perhaps that's what they're after?
Kodok Grunt (M): ExSuwako (LV36)
Kodok Grunt (M): ExNitori (LV36)

After some boulder puzzles, I come across this bizarre room.

Just what I needed. MORE WATER. Dx

Thankfully, it's not terribly difficult to navigate. Up ahead, I run into the Kodok Admin Shelly again and a Grunt.

Kodok Admin Shelly & Kodok Grunt (M)
Shelly: ExSuika (LV37) ExGengetsu (LV37)
Grunt: ExKomachi (LV35) ExChen (LV35)

Laaaame! But of course, I kinda knew they were just small fry. .___. It's Archie that I need to look out for.
After one last boulder puzzle, I have finally reached Last Word Suwako's chamber. It appears to be in a state of hibernation. Before I can get a closer look, Archie stops me and challenges me to a battle. After such a long time of seeing this guy's mug over and over, it's about time someone kicked his ass. >>;

The Awaited Showdown! Kodok Boss Archie!

ExKanako (Note: Picture was taken during an attempted run with Stardust as the lead prior to the documented run below)
ExSuwako (LV41)
ExHina (LV43)

(Dynamo VS ExKanako) Dynamo used Ice Beam! It's Super Effective! (ExKanako @45%) ExKanako used Iron Defense! ExKanako's Defense sharply rose! Dynamo used Ice Beam! ExKanako fainted!

(Stardust VS ExSuwako) Stardust used Substitute! Stardust created a Subsitute! ExSuwako used Body Slam! (Substitute still intact) Stardust tightened it's focus! ExSuwako used Body Slam! Stardust's Substitute disappeared! Stardust used Focus Punch! (ExSuwako @40%) Stardust used Substitute! Stardust created a Substitute! ExSuwako used Body Slam! (Substitute still intact) Stardust tightened it's focus! ExSuwako used Body Slam! Stardust's Substitute disappeared! Stardust used Focus Punch! ExSuwako fainted!

*insert anime Falcon Punch dialogue here*

(Dynamo VS ExHina) ExHina used Protect! Dynamo used Flash! ExHina protected itself! ExHina used Sludge! (Dynamo @75%) Dynamo used Flash! It's Super Effective! (ExHina @60%) ExHina's accuracy fell! ExHina used Smile! Dynamo's Attack harshly fell! Dynamo used Thunderbolt! (ExHina @25%) ExHina used Protect! Dynamo dove underwater! ExHina used Protect! But it failed! Dynamo used Dive! ExHina fainted!

Yay. :D The world is save- Oh crap. The Red Orb Archie was holding suddenly caused LSuwako to awaken from it's slumber. D8 And... it fled to places unknown. However... Archie received a message from a grunt outside that it is raining heavily. VERY heavy. Outside, Steven informs me that a giant rain cloud is forming over Rune (Sootopolis) City. Great, another place I need to surf to? Well thankfully, this one doesn't require navigating a maze to get to. Once I surface there.. oh wow. o-o

The two powerful dolls are about to duke it out, street style.

Stardust (Reimu, LV46)
Hypersonic (SSUtsuho, LV46)
Shadow (ExMokou, LV46)
Dynamo (ExChiyuri, LV46)
Mizu (ExParsee, LV46)
Matsu (ExEirin, LV46)

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
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    The picture at the end....lolwut.
  2. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
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    I always found the choice of Utsuho/Suwako/Kanako for the legendaries kind of odd.

    There is how Kanako is the wind goddess, yeah... but I don't think it makes much sense for her to not be rivals with Suwako, and then calming a conflict between her and... Utsuho?

    On the other hand, I don't really think I could come up with any better ideas.

    Also omg that shiny Vivit~


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