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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 25

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This should play everytime an adventure begins.

Chapter 25 - An Interesting Story

All dressed up with nowhere to go. =~=; The water route to Tokusane (Mossdeep) City is being blocked off by Team Kodok. The Kodok Base is nearby however, so I should take a little look-see in there. Turns out, the entrance is blocked as well, but two grunts. They're very nice guys though. :3 They indirectly tell me what they're planning.
Grunt #1: "Our boss isn't here! He's gone off to jack a submarine! Where did he go? Wahahah! Do you really think I would tell you something that crucial?" :<
Grunt #2: "Our boss isn't here! He's on his way to Kaina City! Why did he go? Wahaha! Do you really think I would tell you something that crucial?"
Off to Kaina~!

*pushes Captain Stern out of the way* I'm on TV! 8D I feel important! 83 *pushed out of the way* ;__;

Oh, Captain Stern is apparently about to show the civilians of Kaina the new submarine he created. Or... was. After the cameras stopped rolling and the reporters left, someone is heard shouting through a megaphone. Something about taking the submarine! D:
Upon walking inside... Archie and a Kodok admin can be seen about to take off with the sub. D; I should go stop them!!
...after I take out a few trainers wanting a rematch that is. Saving the world can wait a couple of minutes. =w=
/responsible hero

Lass Haley: CKaguya (LV29), CEirin (LV29)
Se. & Ko. Anna & Meg: ExTokiko (LV38) & ExCirno
Doll Breeder Isaac: Kotohime (LV25), Kaguya (LV25), Eirin (LV25) x2, Murasa (LV25), Tewi (H) [LV25]
Triathlete Maria: ExAya (LV34)

And sure enough.. when I return, Archie and the Admin have been patiently waiting. :D But... they still steal the sub before I can say anything. ;____; Jerks. But they WERE polite enough to tell me to go back to their base in Minamo. :3 So... time to infiltrate another criminal syndicate's lair.

Archie: >:(

Clearly Team Kodok has better finances than Kalkun. Not only were they able to build a whole lair inside of a random giant rock, but they also have an irritating teleport system to accompany it too. x_x; Considering how many grunts are here, I'll just do some summarizing. In particular, one room has a really irritating warp puzzle. After getting past it, I arrive in a room with 4 item orbs. Two of them are actually the 3rd eyes of Chibi Satoris. Checking them triggers an attack from them. x_x Here, I catch one of them and name it "Kamui".
Early on, I come across a female grunt who asks me which Team's uniforms are better. To answer her question... the Kalkun (Magma) Male uniform is better than the Kodok (Aqua) male one. The female Kodok uniform is better than the female Kalkun one though. xD

But now I'm curious. Why do they hate me so much? D8 And... what do you know. In due time, I come across the sub and the admin who helped Archie steal it!

Kodok Admin Matt

Why am I not surprised at all to see that this guy has a team full of swimsuit dolls? .____. Needless to say, he went down without any effort at all. (Even without taking damage. O-o;)

(Mizu VS SSLunasa) Mizu used Shadow Ball! It's Super Effective! (SSLunasa @15%) SSLunasa used Barrier! SSLunasa's Defense sharply rose! Mizu used Shadow Ball! SSLunasa fainted!

(Mizu VS SSEiki) SSEiki used Magic Coat! Mizu used Shadow Ball! It's Super Effective! (SSEiki @1%) Mizu used Shadow Ball! SSEiki fainted!

But, it was a trap! D: Matt was just buying time for Archie to make preparations to leave. Ugh. Sly bastard. >> On the bright side however, I can get to Tokusane now. Almost time for our 7th Gym Battle. :O After we cross some more water of course. =o=
Swimmer Declan: Suwako (LV34)
Swimmer Grace: Chiyuri (LV34)
Swimmer Spencer: Suwako (LV33)

And finally, Tokusane. :D Considering what very little I can do at the moment, I'll just skip to the Gym.
Here, Psychic types are everywhere, like in the original games.
Esper Preston: ExKoakuma
Esper Maura: ExKeine (LV36)
Esper Blake: ExRikako
Esper Samantha: ExKaguya (See the picture above)

To be continued..

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
    Who do you have on your team that's good against Psychic?
  2. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
    Mizu. Resistant to Psychic attacks and has high Sp. Def. She can also hit back with a STAB Shadow Ball. And Stardust has Light Screen, which would further protect the team. Only issue is that... I have two team members weak to Psychic attacks as well. Q_Q Shadow and Matsu. (Fire/Fighting and Water/Poison respectively. )
  3. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
    Well, I guess you'll just have to keep those two from participating in the battle. ^^;


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