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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 23

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by , 5th January 2012 at 01:16 AM (1012 Views)
For being such a new team member, Dynamo really kicked Winona's ass didn't she? *cough*overleveling*cough*

Chapter 23 - Caution!! Caution!!

Dynamo only needed to level up one more time to reach her (semi) final stage. Upon depositing Mizu for a little break, I withdrew the Cut HM Slave so we could get to Minamo (Lilycove) City. On the way there however, it seems that the Kodoks have business in the nearby Mt. Pyre. Why not take a brisk stroll to follow them?

Thankfully, the Safari Zone is nearby. With a PC I can deposit my team at and withdraw to get them back fully healed. xD So for now... the HM Slave is going back into the PC. ._.;

Suddenly, I'm expecting to be jumped by Ghost Nappa. x_x

Um, so... which way do I go again? Guess I'll go north for the lulz. xD North is... the Trainer route. x-x Oh well, may as well take out some trash while I'm here.
Cosu Maniac Mark: Merlin (LV31)
Hex Maniac Leah: Mima (LV31)
Blackbelt Zander: ExMeiling (LV31)
Young Lovers Dez & Luke: Yuyuko (LV31) & Youmu (LV31)
Esper Kayla: CLunasa, CMerlin, CLyrica
BNKA Breeder Gabrielle: CMerlin (LV26), CYuyuko (LV26), CLilywhite (LV26), CLunasa (LV26), CLilyBlack (LV26), CLyrica (LV26)
Esper William: Koakuma (LV26), Patchouli (LV26), Marisa
Hex Maniac Tasha: AdventYuyuko (The One-Winged Ghost D8)
Blackbelt Atsushi: ExKeine (H) (LV???, forgot. Dx)
Hex Maniac Valerie: CPatchouli (LV32)
Esper Cedric: Rinnosuke (LV32)

After several chapters and gym fights, Hypersonic finally reaches the Ex Stage. With a base Sp. Atk of 160, Hypersonic is ready to incinerate everything! But wait... there's more. *pulls out Water Stone* Witness, a new evolution take place! The evolution into the... fanservice stage? (I did this to please the REAL Hypersonic, and to take away the terrible Fire/Flying typing. x-x Now it's Fire/Water.)
Swimsuit/Beach forms maintain the same base stats as their original Ex counterparts, but gain access to new TMs and HMs due to a change of typing. The Keine, Utsuho, Eiki, Lunasa, and Alice family Ex Stages can reach this form. (More or less, it provides good lulz though)
Moving on... this place has no trainers left to destroy. Dx Except Team Kodok of course.

Team Kodok Grunt: Suwako (LV32)
Team Kodok Grunt: Hina (LV32)
Team Kodok Grunt & Team Kodok Grunt: ExYuuka (LV30), Kirisame (LV30) & ExRumia, ExElly

*yawn* This team is so damn overleveled, it's not even funny. xD We arrived too late though. Q_Q Team Kalkun was here and already stole the blue orb. By the time I reached the altar, Archie was stealing the red orb and left before I could have any say in it. @_@ According to the couple guarding the altar/orbs, the orbs possess great power. Something bad happens when they're separated. That... doesn't sound too good. D: They did however find the Kalkun Emblem for me, and they give it to me. With this, I should be able to access Team Kalkun's hidden base in the Jagged Pass!

Hypersonic (SSUtsuho, LV42)
Mizu (ExParsee, LV41)
Stardust (Reimu, LV41)
Shadow (ExMokou, LV41)
Dynamo (ExChiyuri, LV42)
Matsu (ExEirin, LV41)

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
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    Time for some fun in the nuclear sun~ :3

    And from what I can tell, it seems like they actually implemented time of day in the this true?
    Updated 5th January 2012 at 07:19 AM by Bishie Karis-chan
  2. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
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    Bingo. The time of day in the game reflects what your computer's current time is. It helps to make keeping track of time easier.
  3. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
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    That's awesome. :3
  4. Blazing Star's Avatar
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    I'm the only one who's not fully evolved. ;v;


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