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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 22

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by , 3rd January 2012 at 06:09 PM (2484 Views)
Chapter 22 - Getting in the Last Word

So now, it's time to do a little side quest for Wattson. As stated in Chapter 21, this requires me to head to the location of "New Kinsetsu" and shut off the berserk generator there. Simple, right? Well... it looks like someone got here before I did. Q_Q

Esper (F) Jaclyn - C(hibi) Satori
Level... 16? o_o Needless to say, it fell in one hit. =o=

Welcome to New Kinsetsu - Home of random cardboard boxes and shelves.

As in the original games, Electric types can be found here. This location is home to a number of rare Boneka that can't be easily found elsewhere. CChiyuri, CYumemi, and CKanako. (The family tree of the first two were used by Wattson himself ironically.) Here, the 6th and final team member is caught. After returning to Kinsetsu and training her a little bit, Dynamo is ready for combat. (Somewhat.) Now, we'd better get back to work at finding that generator!
After about 15 minutes of frequent Boneka encounters and irritating switches, I finally shut off the generator.

"The generator appears to have stopped in the naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame of love..."

I'm done here for now. Time to head back to Himawaki and defeat some trainers nearby, before fighting Winona again.

Cool Trainer (F): Hourai (pic below)
Ranger Jenna: Momiji (LV28), Aya (LV28), Hatate (LV28)
Ranger Lorenzo: Sanae, Kanako (LV28), Suwako (LV28)
Bug Maniac Jeffery: Wriggle (LV28), Yamame (LV28), Mima (LV28)
Bug Maniac Cale: Wriggle (LV29), Yamame (LV29)
Hex Maniac Tammy: ExReisen, ExPatchouli

After rigorous training, Dynamo has reached her first evolutionary stage; Chiyuri. Her level is now 36, and she evolves again at LV38. That being said, with the Thunderbolt TM I got from Wattson... I feel she's ready to take on Winona. So... ROUND TWO... FIGHT!!

The bird user taking flight into the world ~ Winona!

ExTokiko (LV29)
ExMystia (LV29)
ExAya (LV30)
ExRemilia (LV31)
?????? (LV33)

Time for the rematch! I don't intend on leaving this one empty handed.

(Hypersonic VS ExTokiko) ExTokiko used Tailwind! ExTokiko's Attack and Speed rose! Hypersonic used Sunny Day! The sunlight got bright! ExTokiko used Aeroblast! (Hypersonic @40%) Hypersonic used Flamethrower! ExTokiko fainted!
One shot, one kill.

(Dynamo VS ExMystia) ExMystia used Tailwind! Dynamo used Thunderbolt! It's Super Effective! (ExMystia @35%) ExMystia used Sing! It missed! Dynamo used Thunderbolt! ExMystia fainted!
C'mon. You need to try harder than that. D:

(Shadow VS ExAya) ExAya used Kamikaze! It's Super Effective! (Shadow @45%, ExAya @80% with recoil) Shadow used Flame Wheel! ExAya fainted!

(Mizu VS ExRemilia) The sunlight faded. Mizu used Confuse Ray! ExRemilia was confused! ExRemilia used Overheat! (Mizu @...80%. "Trololol"; Sp. Atk drop is negated by White Herb) Mizu used Surf! (ExRemilia @40%) ExRemilia hurt itself in confusion! (35%) Mizu used Surf! ExRemilia fainted!
All. Too. Easy. However... there remains one last Boneka.

Last Word - Mystia

Last Words... how do I honestly describe them? Some Boneka have additional, 4th stages in their family tree known as the Last Word stage. Last Word Boneka can be quite powerful and bulky due to their relatively high stats. The form is not easily attained however, as it requires the Boneka to be traded while holding a "Last Tag". On this current team... Matsu, Stardust, Shadow, Hypersonic, and Dynamo have the potential to reach this stage if I wanted them to. Mizu is one of the ones whose family tree ends at the EX stage sadly. In this case however, Last Word Mystia is one of the "lesser" Last Words out there. (Although, she would be a real pain in the ass if my team wasn't so overleveled.)

(Shadow VS LMystia) LMystia used White Wings! It's Super Effective! (Shadow @5%) Shadow used Flamewheel! (LMystia @70%) LMystia's Speed Boost raises it's Speed! LMystia used Shadow Ball! Shadow fainted! (LMystia @73% from Shell Bell recovery)
Kinda saw this coming, but she won't last much longer. Trust me.

(Dynamo VS LMystia) LMystia's Speed Boost raises it's Speed! LMystia used White Wings! It's not very effective.. (Dynamo @85%, LMystia @74% with Shell Bell) Dynamo used Thunderbolt! It's Super Effective! LMystia fainted!

=w= With the Feather Badge, I can finally Fly to places instead of walking everywhere. .____.
Dynamo (LV37, Chiyuri)
Stardust (LV40, Reimu)
Shadow (LV40, ExMokou)
Matsu (LV40, ExEirin)
Hypersonic (LV40, Utsuho)
Mizu (LV41, ExParsee)

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