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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 2

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by , 6th December 2011 at 10:23 AM (364 Views)
Last time: We started out; nothing too special.

Chapter 2 - Moves Shown

Continuing with where we left off yesterday, I have picked my starter and am about to fight whatever this hostile Boneka is that's attacking Professor Birch! Who did I pick, you might ask? You'll see!

First opponent is a rowdy CKogasa. Type: Ghost ; Ability: Intimidate

Oh noes, a Ghost type this early in the game?! This would definitely be a complete nightmare for anyone playing a regular Pokemon game. But hey, this is different. You see... All three starters in World Link start off with Pursuit. :3 Meaning? This Kogasa gets owned.

Sorry Kogasa, I can't give victory! Come back when you're a little Mmmmmmmm... stronger!

So yeah, nothing too scary. That comes later I picked the starter I did for reasons you'll see in the future. For now, we head back to Birch's lab, where he offers me the chance to nickname CKuremi. I choose to nickname it "Octy". (Yes, all of my Boneka are going to be named after people here =P) Birch then tells you about Boneka, and blah blah blah. Skipping past that, I was told to meet his kid Maribel a ways up the road from Mishiro Town. I decided to grind a bit, so Kuremi could learn Gust.
Boneka Found in Route 101 - CNazrin (Normal)
Boneka Found in Route 103 - CNazrin, CEllen (Psychic), CKogasa (Ghost)
After that, I proceed to the spot Maribel is standing and I speak to her. She challenges me to a battle. D8

-Rival Battle!! Ghostly Club Maribel Han!-
Boneka: CYuugi (LV5, Ground/Fighting)

This first fight can be a real pain in the arse if you didn't grind up to LV7. Thankfully, Yuugi does not have Fighting attacks yet. She DOES however have higher Attack than you, and resists Pursuit. This means, you'll lose easily in the long run, if you don't have Gust. :x But thankfully, I did. :3 So, Yuugi went down after 4-5 Gusts.

With that victory to add to my record, we headed back to the lab for ANOTHER lecture from Birch. Skipping through that, I head outside and am given the Running .

Octy (CKuremi) - LV7

Till next time, have a good day~

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