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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 14

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Chapter 14 - Immortal Smoke

This chapter begins with a relatively rough start. With no resting area nearby, I have to make a difficult trek through the Jagged Pass to the south. I'm glad I have the Acro Bike, or else I'd have to battle some trainers with my worn out team. D: I do however get stopped by this little runt before I can make a clean getaway. >.<

Camper Ethan: CKogasa (LV20) x2
Not too hard, thanks to Hypersonic's insane Sp. Atk and STAB Flamethrower. Still, I'm thankful Fuen Town is just a couple of steps away. ._.; Upon healing at the Boneka Center in Fuen Town, I decided to go back through the Jagged Pass to take out those trainers I was running away from previously. There is also a straggler from Team Kalkun here. :o
Picnicker Diana: CMokou (LV19) x2; CLilyWhite
Picnicker Autumn: Hina (LV21)
Triathlete Julio: Hina (LV21)
Traveler Eric: CTenshi (LV20) x2
- Team Kalkun Grunt - : CUtsuho (LV22) x2

It didn't take much to clean them up. xD So now that leaves the Fuen Town Gym. 4th Gym Badge coming this soon? You betcha!
The Fuen Town Gym is pretty annoying, with it's little maze it has. As Blaine from Gen I would say... You better have Burn Heals!
Kindler Jace: CMokou (LV23)
Traveler Eli: CMokou (LV23)
Kindler Cole: CYuki
Cool Trainer Gerald: Mokou (See the link above)
Kindler Jeff: CSunnymilk (LV22); Sunnymilk
Kindler Axle: Yumemi (LV23) Got it memorized?
Kindler Keegan: CSara (LV23)
Battle Girl Danielle: Kisume

They all fought hard, but wound up just being more EXP fodder for my team. :< That leaves Flannery, whom... a lot of people are fond of. She talks quite a bit of smack before the fight though. Maybe someone needs to take her down a notch?
-One with a Fiery Passion that Burns! Flannery!-
Mokou (LV24)

(Mizu VS Mokou) Mizu used Confuse Ray! Foe Mokou is Confused! Mokou used Flame Wheel! (Mizu @75%) Mizu used Faint Attack! (Mokou @55% with Leftovers recovery) Mokou is Confused! Mokou used Flame Wheel! (Mizu @45%) Mizu used Faint Attack! Foe Mokou fainted!

(Stardust VS Flandre) Stardust used Jump Kick! It's Super Effective! Foe Flandre fainted!

(Hypersonic VS ExIchirin) Hypersonic used Flamethower! (ExIchirin @20%; with Leftovers recovery) ExIchirin used Tickle! Hypersonic's Attack and Defense fell! Ichirin used Crush Claw! Hypersonic Fainted! (O.o) Hypersonic's Nuclear Body burned foe ExIchirin!

(Shadow VS ExIchirin) ExIchirin used Crush Claw! (Shadow @60%) Shadow used Flame Wheel! Foe ExIchirin fainted!

(Mizu VS Advent Mokou) Mizu used Bride Study! (Mizu @98%) Foe AMokou used Blaze Kick! (Mizu @45%) Mizu used Confuse Ray! Foe AMokou is confused! It hurt itself in confusion! Mizu used Shadow Punch! (AMokou @70% with Confusion damage) Mokou hurt itself in confusion again. (AMokou @65%) Mizu used Shadow Punch! (AMokou @45%) A Mokou hurt itself in Confusion again. (AMokou @35%) Mizu used Shadow Punch! Foe AMokou fainted!

That battle was pretty underwhelming. xD Seriously. ._____. With Flannery's defeat, I now own the Heat Badge and TM 50.
I can't get far though without running into a familiar face..

YOU AGAIN?! I don't like being stalked! D:

This time however, Maribel doesn't want a battle. She tells me to head to the Touka Gym and gives me a pair of Go-Goggles to use when entering the nearby desert. Unlike the Fuen Gym however... the Touka Gym is a real nightmare.

Mizu (Parsee; LV31)
Stardust (Reimu; LV30)
Shadow (CMokou; LV30)
Hypersonic (Utsuho; LV30)

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