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Playthrough - Touhoumon World Link Pt. 10

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Chapter 10 - YOU AGAIN?!

First order of business is a quick trip back to Kanto; specifically to the Yami Cave. (Known in the original games as Diglett's Cave) Like with the Granite Cave, this place is home to cave Boneka. These are CRumia, CParsee, and CYamame. The Boneka here are fairly high-leveled, especially the Rumias. They tend to reach LVs 19-22 easily and inflict heavy damage to your team with Faint Attack or Bite. They can paralyze with Lick as well. As seen in the 2nd picture, Hypersonic sustained quite a bit of damage from a previous bout with one. CYamames are almost free grinds for Flying types, as they only have Dig as an attacking move typically. (Ones at LV20-22 have Sludge though. D8) It is here that I find my 2nd to last team member. Now that my business here is done, onward to Kaina! (Sky was later renamed "Mizu" btw)
Ah... Kaina. Home to beaches, boats, and... Team Kodok?


So that means we'll be staying here a tad longer than planned doesn't it? Well, I have to deliver some mail from Devon anyway. Upon speaking with Stern's employee at the shipyard, I've been told to go speak to him at the museum. By now, that long line of grunts from earlier has moved into the museum. Inside, the Kodoks are EVERYWHERE. >_< But they all seem preoccupied with the exhibits, so heading into Stern's room seems safe for now.
I don't get to speak to him for very long however, as two Kodok grunts barge into the room trying to steal some parts of some sort. No rest for the wicked~

-Kodok Grunt x2-
1st Grunt: CSuwako (LV15)
2nd Grunt: CMomiji; CNitori

After dispatching them, Archie, the leader of the Kodoks walks inside the room to check on what the hold up was. *trollface* After seeing that I was... at fault, he warned me not to interfere with the Kodoks' plans ever again. lol, u mad bro?
Outside, I meet Scott AGAIN. This damn stalker's getting annoying. When he finally stops flapping his lips, I head north from Kaina.
Route 110, here I come! Here, there are plenty of trainers to get EXP from. :3 Soon, Stardust evolves. :O However... this Route has a nasty surprise.


Yup, it's Maribel again. Here, looking for a fight. She says she's stronger than our last encounter. :o

- Ghostly Club Maribel Han -
CSuika (LV18)
CYukari (LV18)

A little trickier than our last encounter. Now she has a Chibi Suika and a Chibi Yukari on the team, which could cause problems for some.
CSuika and CYukari got trololol'd.

(Stardust VS CSuika) Stardust used Jump Kick! It's Super Effective! (CSuika @45%) CSuika used Minimize! Stardust used Jump Kick! Foe CSuika fainted! (O_o)

(Mizu VS CYukari) Mizu used Pursuit! It's Super Effective! (CYukari @75%) CYukari used Imprison! But it failed! Mizu used Pursuit! (CYukari @40%) CYukari used Metronome! CYukari used Quick Attack! It doesn't affect Mizu... Mizu used Pursuit! (CYukari @10%) CYukari used Imprison! But it failed! Mizu used Facepalm Pursuit! Foe CYukari fainted!

(Hypersonic VS Yuugi) Yuugi used Howl! Yuugi's Attack rose! Hypersonic used Peck! It's Super Effective! (Yuugi @85%) Yuugi used Focus Energy! Hypersonic used Smokescreen! Yuugi's Accuracy was lowered! Yuugi used Seismic Toss! (Hypersonic @60%) Hypersonic's Nuclear Body burned foe Yuugi! Hypersonic used Ember! (Yuugi @50% with Burn damage factored in) Yuugi used Seismic Toss! (Hypersonic @25%) Hypersonic used Ember! (Yuugi @35% with burn damage) Oran Berry is used on Hypersonic. Yuugi used Seimic Toss! (Hypersonic @5%) Yuugi is hurt by it's burn! (Yuugi @5%) Hypersonic used Quick Attack! Foe Yuugi fainted!

After her rather embarrassing loss, Mary gives us the Itemfinder and runs off. With her out of the way, the long road to Kinsetsu City has reached it's end.

Mizu (CParsee; LV19)
Shadow (CMokou; LV19)
Stardust (Reimu; LV19)
Hypersonic (CUtsuho; LV19)

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  1. Kyumorph's Avatar
    I lost my shit at "TIME PARADOX." XD
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    Quick Attack for the win!....literally!


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