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And now for something completely different.

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by , 16th April 2013 at 06:26 PM (1433 Views)
Did you come here following a foul stench? It was probably this blog.

Continuing from yesterday's momentum on meaningless blogs, I have another proposition for the (few) readers. I'm going to name five random things, and I'd like to hear your opinions on them. There won't be any real common trend, just the first things that come to mind. Please don't ask where in the world I came up with these

#1. Rainy days.
#2. The color green.
#3. Sharks.
#4. The Internet.
#5. Carpets.

Ready? 3... 2... 1... GO!

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
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    #3. Sharks.
  2. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    1. Lovely, relaxing, and refreshing when light. Worrisome when prolonged and/or accompanied by lightning and thunder. Or if you have to drive a long distance through it. :s
    2. Pretty until you start going into the pukey yellowish shades of it.
    3. Misunderstood creatures that have a week all to themselves.
    4. Something I spend too much time on. Horrible and wonderful at the same time, though for me it usually leans more toward the latter. It's hard to imagine a time when reports had to be done without it.
    5. They seem to become so dirty so quickly in my house. .-.

    And I'll add a #6: Your blog background. Very pretty, it repeats nicely.
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  3. Gaga's Avatar
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    #1. Calming.
    #2. Sometimes beautiful, other times garish.
    #3. Misunderstood teens of the sea.
    #4. The single greatest invention (after vodka!)
    #5. Nice if you don't have a pet or smoker in the house.
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  4. Ebail's Avatar
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    1. Incredibly relaxing, and highly enjoyable.
    2. A good color.
    3. Dangerous indeed, but very misunderstood.
    4. Fun, addicting, time consuming, awful at times.
    5. Good to stand on, and more relaxing, but more of hassle than hardwood floors.
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  5. Setra's Avatar
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    1. The best days.
    2. Pretty.
    3. Fascinating creatures.
    4. My life.
    5. Eh, I prefer hardwood.
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  6. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
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    Rather interesting responses everyone. ^^ Keep 'em coming.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kakuna Matata
    And I'll add a #6: Your blog background. Very pretty, it repeats nicely.
    Thanks. ^^; I had to add something interesting to look at, since a simple blog design consisting of colors wouldn't have appealed to me much. Rather than trying to impress others with such things, I usually aim to make something I like personally. Others liking it too is just icing on the cake. =w=
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  7. Bill Cipher's Avatar
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    1. Hate 'em.
    2. It's OK, I guess. Doesn't beat Turquoise or Brown. :3
    3. They're more friendly without sharp teeth.
    4.Beautiful. *A*
    5. They hate me.
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  8. Scarlet Devil's Avatar
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    1. Rainy days are actually quite enjoyable, though it's only when it's a pretty chilly rain that I hate. I believe I enjoy strolling in the rain or just watching the rainfall. Thunder is even better.
    2. The color green... is not a color I am at all fond of. The color of greed, bro
    3. Sharks. Don't fuck with 'em, they'll bite you. OMNOMNOM... which reminds me, I missed shark week.
    4. The internet.... My home ;^;
    5. Carpets... Are a hassle. I prefer wood flooring, buuuuut... that's mostly because I find them to be a beautiful flooring type (especially elm)
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