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Musical Bandwagon Entry

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by , 18th April 2013 at 02:13 PM (246 Views)
...if you came here expecting a bandwagon blog, you are sadly mistaken.

Anyway, in all seriousness. The weather has been pretty wacky recently. Last year, we had a very rampant drought. Summer was pure Hell, with high temperatures, very little in the way of breezes, and of course... no meaningful rainfall to cool things down. It was ridiculous, and this was followed up by a rather inactive Winter.
Right now, the weather can't decide whether it's Spring or Winter. :| Temperatures are going up and down in a roller coaster-like fashion. Almost as though to make up for the lack of rain last year, we've been getting SOAKED lately. Can't go many days without rain. That's lovely and all... but what about when thunderstorms are mixed in? Not quite as fun. Thunderstorms are pretty standard here, but the rate at which the weather changes is still absurd. I've lived here for almost 18 years, and I STILL don't see any pattern in it. Just last night, we had severe storms, with a twister touching down somewhere in my town for a brief moment. After that, it sounded like the sky itself, was falling due to all of the rain and possible hail. (Couldn't verify the last bit, since I couldn't go outside. But it definitely sounded the part.) Thankfully, no noticeable damage to the house, or to the ones nearby.
And now today, it's perfectly calm again. With how volatile Spring and Summer are here, this may have just been a taste of the annual havoc Mother Nature is fond of wrecking as usual. =_=

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