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Happy Halloween!

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Figured since I'm awake in the middle of the damn night, I'd say this. So yes, Happy Halloween Bulbagardeners. =w= May your night be full of candy and scares. (Assuming you celebrate it.)

With that in mind. What will be your costume this year? Or if you no longer celebrate, what did you dress up as in the past?

(Also, I wish blog customization was less confusing. q.q Would really like to spice this dull thing up.)

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  1. PyroPokeman's Avatar
    Um, I dressed up as a Vampire. HOWEVER!!!!!!, the white make-up was horrendous, so I spent some time to wipe it off and then I was just a dude with a high collared shirt.


    Meanwhile, one of friends this year wore an Akatsuki cloak with a Gaara gourd Backpack, and a replica of Tensa Zangetsu. I called it: Ichigaara of the Akatsuki.


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