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Blography - 8/4/2012

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by , 4th August 2012 at 06:32 AM (3215 Views)
Hello. Mizu here with my 2nd Blography Entry. Little foreword:

Yes, I made up a new word. "Blography" basically refers to a blog entry dedicated to writing a short biography on a person. It could also refer to any blog entry dedicated to explaining something in-depth. Got it memorized?
With that, I'm free to get down to business. Like with the first entry, this one is dedicated to my current theme subject. She's a rather trollish character..

Name: Seiga Kaku (Prounounced "Qing'e Huo")
Nickname: Seiga Nyan Nyan (Nyan Nyan is an approximation of "Niang Niang", a title given to an empress, consort, or a goddess.)
Debut: Touhou 13 - Ten Desires
Species: Hermit
Ability: Can magically cut holes in solid walls/floors using her hairstick; has little effect on non-solid walls. Walls affected by this power will eventually return to normal as though her hairstick had never been used.
Trivia: Hinted to be one of the few characters born in China. (She said to have come from "across the sea" and to have lived in a mountainous area. Her guard is a Jiang Shi, a Chinese Vampire/Zombie.)

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