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Announcing a Semi-Significant Occurrence

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Or maybe not, depends on what you think. Anyway, today is my 4th Bulbaversary. *audience small claps* This marks the first time I'm giving a damn about one of my own.

So, four years? A lot has happened.
I joined the forums after catching mention of them on Bulbapedia, which I visited often for Pokemon coverage. (Though admittedly, I visited Serebii more for that prior to DP being released.) Think it was something about a Trading Forum being opened up. At the time, I aimed to expand my Pokemon collection... So I figured, why not?
Things went a little rough initially, but I got used to things in due time. RNGing wasn't as common back then, so the trading market was pretty fair. Good IV Pokemon fetched good prices, along with simple shiny ones. Eventually ended up setting up a shop that enjoyed nice success. (The first one with multiple vendors if I'm right. It wasn't my idea, but my part of the shop enjoyed the most business.)
Started dabbling in F&G a bit, though not much. Became acquainted with the RM thread in its early stages. Met two people who would later become my best friends. At some point, my computer broke down due to a virus, and I was stuck using my Wii for Internet. Made Trading and other things MUCH slower, but I still survived.

Around the time I got back however, I lost my Platinum. Which had everything I had amassed on it. Needless to say, I had no choice but to stop trading and cancel all deals I had made. From there, I ended up moving into Fun and Games for good. I still consider it my home forum to this day.
Not much happened. Made some friends, saw some others go on hiatus or flat out leave. This continued until about 2011, when I started becoming much less active due to personal reasons. Eventually, I ended up leave the site for a couple of months in 2012. The whole Summer Break pretty much. I haven't the faintest clue as to what made me return honestly. Or don't remember at least. All of that culminated in what you see now.

Bored yet? Left out a lot of crucial details, since I don't believe in airing my dirty laundry in blogs. =w= Consider this a "Spoiler free recap".

I'm not popular, cool, trendy, or really memorable at all. I don't have a blog with a ton of members or a multitude of people willing to follow it. I don't have a hefty friend roster. Don't talk with a bunch of people every day. I'm not talented with art of any kind. Not a battler or a trader anymore. Etc.
Just your average forum goer. I wouldn't have it any other way really.

Now for the Mention Fest that usually accompanies these blogs... Except I'm too lazy to compile one. Have WAY too many people I'd want to give a shout out too that I'd risk forgetting some. So I'll just say this. I don't have the best attitude (nor do I try acting like I do), and I don't really interact with many people outside of thread posts. That being said... I feel everyone played a valuable part in my time here. So I'd like to say... Thanks.

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  1. Charles Dunois's Avatar
  2. Reila's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary!
  3. Totally Not Booster Gold's Avatar
  4. Karisse's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary. ^^
  5. Serenity's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary, Sky-kun!~ :3
  6. Akromatic's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversery, Elcott!
  7. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Happy fourth celebration of the day you joined BMGf! :D


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