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Epidemic Johto RP

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Hey everyone!
It's been a looong time since I've been here, on the account of my old DS breaking and college. Some of you may know me for doing alot of DS trades and such, having a small market there. Well, I'm back and I've wanted to show all of you what me and a bunch of friends have been doing.

It's a really big pokemon roleplay site, and it's open to anyone who loves Pokemon!~

From their plot summary:
Welcome to New Johto.

The infected have overcome the human population. Countless pokemon have fallen-some in protecting their trainers, friends or family, some by being attacked by the flocks of infected Murkrow and Honchkrow that would appear out of nowhere.

The true horror of all this is seeing the dead stand back up.
Stand up and eat their own-eat the ones they were protecting.

But something different happens to the pokemon that are infected...they can still evolve, though they are no longer alive. The virus manipulated the animals' DNA to change and adapt with its' surroundings.

The viral strain has spread, creating a new generation of pokemon and a new world to overcome.
Will you survive?
From their rules:
Epidemic Johto is an online, play-by-post roleplaying game where members take on the roles of Pokémon characters as they fight for survival in a world were a terrifying epidemic has created a zombie apocalypse.

Our roleplay posts resemble segments of a story rather than one sentence responses.
The "epidemic" that the central story revolves around is fictional and has been created by fans. More information on this plague can be found in the appropriate thread as well as the roleplay plotline.
We use exclusively Pokémon characters, and follow them as they try to survive in the dystopic world they live in. While we have created our own universe, we do use the Pokemon games as the primary source to help maintain quality and canon.
As for myself, I like to do alot of the art for the site.
And I'll be trying to update this with anything new from the EJ front as often as I can here.~
But if anyone is interested, come join us RP.

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