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A study of a different kind

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Hey, this is my first blog. I did try to do a blog once but there was no audience, let's hope this one will have
Last evening, I went into surreal mode. I had a chance to learn how to dub. Yes, dub, I KNOW, RIGHT?! I'm in a dubbing class with four others and my teacher is non-other than dubber, director and Israeli voice of Dawn, Talia Barka'ee. (and yes, this is the right way to write and pronounce her name, so change it on Bulbapedia).
At the beggining we came in and she was like "this first lesson is a bore, it's all theory today" but it was realy fun. We introduced ourself to each other and then we did some drills that demonstrate how dubbing works; basicly it's all about timing, tone and volume, and you have to exaggerate everything (it's nothing like theater work).
Then we got into the recording booth, one at a time and dubbed an animated episode, you can guess which show... Pokemon!
It was the episode The Right Place and the Right Mime, and I did Tracey! That was so cool! the others did awsome voices too: one guy did the narrator and Proffesor Birch, one girl did Delia, one girl did Max and another girl did Misty. Talia said I did it the best in terms of timing. You can guess how extatic I was.
My dream is to work on the latest season of Pokemon: Black and white. My pick would be Trip, I never played a jerk before, I hope it's cool.
I hope to be writing here a lot about the dubbing, but for now I won't because there a week off on the lessons.
Until next time,
Never stop dreaming
Foreign Travler

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