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  1. My Vacation in England, Part 1 - Flying on My Own

    This is not a made up story, these are my accounts of my 3 days vacation in the London area.

    Yes, this was my first flight by myself. No friends, no family, no one I know.

    While I was still in the country I was still a bit nervus, calling my family every few minutes; but once I entered the plane and turned my cellphone off, it was kind of liberating.
    The flight was a low-cost flight, which means no space for the legs, no way to sit back and everything must be ...
  2. On Oscars(R) and Israelis

    Usualy, when I see a new film I post a review of it in my Blog. However, as I watched an Israeli film, I won't be sharing my thoughts on it.
    But I will talk about a subject related to it: the 84th Acadamy Awards.

    Now, I usulay watch the Acadamy Awards for two reasons: 1. I want my favorite films, actors, and filmmakers to win the awards. And 2. I'm rooting for my country in the foreign language category.

    Most of the time, Israel doesn't have a nomination in the ...
  3. Real Steel Review

    Real Steel may sound like a no-brain-function film but it is not that close to it. Sure, it deals with real-life Rock'em Sock'em Robots, but it's the human side of the story that takes the cake. Even though the scenes some times looked so corny and cheesey that they seem to be served at the snack counter, but they do have a heart, something that some CG powered big box-office smashers seemd to miss (Transformers 3, anyone?).
    The interaction between the ex-boxer deadbeat dad and the wise-cracking ...
  4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review

    Hi, today I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I want to share my thoughts on it. But, instead of posting them on the Forums, I thought I'll post them here, on my blog.

    In case no one wants to get Spoiled I'll wrap tham in Spoiler tags.

    Like someone already said on the web, the concept of the film is very basic: Apes begin to get smarter by a drug and they take over the world. But how they do it is what it's all about.
    Both the Protagonists are very moving ...
  5. A study of a different kind

    Hey, this is my first blog. I did try to do a blog once but there was no audience, let's hope this one will have
    Last evening, I went into surreal mode. I had a chance to learn how to dub. Yes, dub, I KNOW, RIGHT?! I'm in a dubbing class with four others and my teacher is non-other than dubber, director and Israeli voice of Dawn, Talia Barka'ee. (and yes, this is the right way to write and pronounce her name, so change it on Bulbapedia).
    At the beggining we came in and she was like ...