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Warning: Target Approching!

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*insert alarm noises here*
yes I know 99.99% of you who read this won't know what the hell this is and therefore it won't be your target but I needed a video game quote for the title and this was the best I got
Anyway, I was on a wiki-walk spanning the Final Fantasy Wiki and Wikipedia. I managed to get to the Console wars page on Wikipedia, and read the third handheld console wars bit, and I noticed two things. One, in the second handheld console wars thing, the GBA outsold the PSP. Aaaaaaaahahahahahasuck it Sony.
Second, and the main reason I created this article, is for a new handheld system, currently under the codename Project SHIELD, by the company NVIDIA. Here is a link to its page.

For those unwilling to look at the page, check the spoiler for some less-impressive-looking info on the SHIELD.

Now, there are a few things standing in the way for the success of this system. One, it doesn't have any unique games. Yes, it has Sonic 4. And Skyrim. And quite possibly Final Fantasy. And [insert other popular game on the PC or Android]. But they're all available on other systems. Sure, PC games anywhere might sound sexy, but if it really is only for a certain kind of computer, and especially if you have to be in range: fuggedaboudit.

Next: the price. It can't sell for 700 bucks - that's at least thrice the price of the Nintendo 3DS. But it probably won't be as cheap as it, either - HD visuals, awesome audio and Wi-Fi, a full-sized controller, a super processing chip, and the ability to play PC and Android games? I can't be the only one who thinks that can't be cheap. Better getting an Android Phone - at least you can call somebody with it. If the PC games are computer-type exclusive, that worsens your wallet's pain - you'd need to get a new computer and tis, which will probably land you somewhere in the $1000 zone.

With a non-unique game library, a possibly high price, and possible clunkiness, the SHIELD doesn't seem like it'll fair well. Doubly so since this is probably the first time most of you heard about it - while I don't watch TV much any more, this seems to be a very iPod-like device, and when was the last time you saw a commercial for an iPod? Or this? Of course, if NVIDIA manages to play the cards right, Nintendo could have another rival to worry about...but the SHIELD's situation is like in Yu-Gi-Oh, where your win or loss is all luck. And luck ain't the best thing to place a console's success on.

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