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by , 15th May 2012 at 04:34 PM (379 Views)
Here's a topic I find slightly stupid. While some of these are good, I really think some of these people are either really, really stupid, or are just ignorant. Or something. Anyway, here's what I think are stupid things when it comes to giving some hurt on Pokemon:
1) "Pokemon" means "I am Jewish"
Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this stupid. I'm fine with people not knowing "Pokemon" means "Pocket Monster", but I think whoever deduced it should've done some more research.
2) Many, many things involving this
Look at these few points:
Quote Originally Posted by Bible.com
When it was first released in Japan in 1997, it was reported that over 600 children went into epileptic seizures while watching the Pokemon cartoons.
This was one episode. ONE EPISODE.
Quote Originally Posted by Bible.com
The trading aspect of Pokemon is unhealthy for children too. ... when they do get the card they want, ... This trading game is not fostering good Christian traits in children but rather greed, combativeness, extreme competitiveness and obsessiveness.
Bold = proof that this section may or may not be talking about the TCG.
The ironic thing is, the whole focus of Pokemon is the trading concept. Back then, it was safe to say that only friends would trade. Right now, people are not stupid enough to make a known unfair trade.
Quote Originally Posted by Bible.com
When I was growing up, we were taught monsters were evil, not something to play with. When I was a little girl, the "boogie man" or monsters caused us fear and we did not want to be around them.
This appears to make Dragon Quest V and VI, DQM, Yu-Gi-Oh, and whatever other monster battlers there are out there bad. Okay, maybe the DQs are not the best choices for comparison, since monsters are also evil there, too. Not all monsters have to be bad. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that makes a heck of a lot of things out there "bad". Then again, this is Catholic. But still.
3) Pokerap's "Gotta catch 'em all" played backwards says "I love Satan"
This is an act that I cannot believe. "Gotta catch 'em all" spelt backwards is "lla me' hctac attoG", and I can't think of how, if you pronounced that, could form any WORD of that phrase. Say it out loud. I dare you. I think whoever said this was just hating on Pokemon.
4) Back to Bible.com for...
Quote Originally Posted by Bible.com
Other philosophies are also evident in Pokemon and these are the demonstration of occultic powers in the games and cards. We also find the influences of New Age Cults, Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism and Satanism in this game. In the practice of witchcraft, spirits are summoned and called to stay in a circle until needed to fight off bad spirits. In these practices they develop relationships with the so-called "good spirits" to fight the bad ones. This is totally against scripture as the only spirit we are to call on is the Holy Spirit to combat evil spirits with His Holy Angels. In essence these guardians or "spirit guides" that are used in Pokemon actually encourage children in the ways of witchcraft. In the Bible one of Israel's kings, Manasseh, was guilty of witchcraft and other sins and he was brought into bondage because of it.
Before we go on, I would like to point out that no video game, ever, that I know of, actually acknowledges our world, or their religious teachings. (Well, okay, some acknowledge our world, but not our religions. And the ones that do are cheap movie games.) So no, this makes no sense. I don't know why I'm pointing it out here, but still.
5) Jynx
I can see this as a problem, but not too much of one. So what if a Pokemon is human-like and has black "skin"? Can't they accept the fact that it was made in Japan, which is different than us?
6) Kadabra
Uri Geller said that Kadabra was too "similar" to him. If they really did mention him via this Psychic Pokemon, wouldn't he be happy?
Anyway, you're probably sick of me ranting on about this, so go on with your lives, post what you feel, etc.
This post was made by Lief, and is in no way reflecting the views of the Tantalus Theater Trope, the Black Mage Guild, the Knights of Cornelia, the Summoners of Mist, or anything else he could possibly be related to. Peace.

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    LOL at the spirits "point". Known real-world animals are/were often stored until called upon to fight, including horses, elephants, dogs, roosters, bulls and bears.

    The people at Bible.com strike me as a bunch of blowhard theocrats, not the type I'm about to seriously listen to because they're too paranoid to be worth getting mad over.

    When I was growing up, we were taught monsters were evil, not something to play with. When I was a little girl, the "boogie man" or monsters caused us fear and we did not want to be around them.
    This line of thought, though, is the bane of scientific inquiry and exploration, and without the rest of us daring to get out from under the blanket and investigate the Boogie Man, they'd still be stuck in the Medieval Period, never even knowing he just wanted to dance.
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