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Planetary Pit Stop Pokemon X and Y League

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The Planetary Pit Stop is a forum that had its start here on Bulbagarden. Right now, it's having a Pokémon League! Travel to the planet of Morbos to battle the Eight Gym Leaders and become Champion! Stay on guard, though - other Trainers will try to take your coveted title from you! If you fall, though, don't worry - you'll just become an Elite Four member. (Warning: Elite Four may or may not have four members. Offer not valid once all Elite Four spots are filled. The Planetary Pit Stop is not responsible for any injuries sustained while battling.)

To get started, all you need to do is create a profile for the Planetary Pit Stop! Oh, and have Pokémon X or Pokémon Y and a 3/2DS, but I, uh, figured you'd know that. You can register as either a regular Trainer or a Gym Leader (until all Gym Leader spots are filled; there is no limit for Trainers, unless this ends up being way bigger then expected). All battles are in a 3-on-3 format. Pokémon in Smogon's OU tier may be used, along with one uber or Mega Pokémon. (Violations of this are included but not limited to: banning from The Pit Stop, banning from the League, having your Gym Badges taken away, wearing a stupid hat, sitting in a corner.) In addition to regular badge battles, regular Trainers may also challenge Gym Leaders in a battle for the Gym; winning will have you take over the Gym and have to thus take on any new challengers. Losing makes you lose nothing but your dignity. Gym Leaders can usurp Elite Four members; this is pretty much the same thing as a battle for the Gym. The losing member will take the Gym Position, the winner will take the Elite Four position. I haven't done anything for a Champion being usurped by an Elite Four member, mainly because I feel like people would use that to avoid getting the badges.

Gym Leaders may be challenged in any order. The Elite Four can be challenged in any order, but must be done after all Gym Leaders are fought and defeated. The Champion can only be fought after all Elite Four member(s) have been defeated.

Current Gym Leader Positions:
1. Erdrick
2. @returnofmastercrazyhand;
3. @Charles Dunois;
4. BenPoras

Current Elite Four Positions:

Current Champion:
Nobody! Everyone's a loser.

(As a note: I'm posting this on more then one site, so if you see any unfamiliar names, that's why.)

That's it! Go forth, trainers, and win!

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Updated 2nd May 2014 at 07:07 AM by Erdrick



  1. return of ROMCH's Avatar
    can you post a link to smogen's OU list?, as well as the uber and mega pokemon links, because I don't get on smogen, at all.
  2. Erdrick's Avatar
    XY Tiers - Smogon University

    Also, to clarify - we're still using OU as a base, so Swagger and the Kangaskhan/Lucario/Gengarites are banned.


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