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Final Fantasy Challenge: All Monks

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Monks of the Final Fantasy series are kickass. Final Fantasy I, they're cheap and have their defense and attack scale with them on levels (or so I'm told). Final Fantasy V, they kick ass with their bare hands, the only weapon one can Dual Wield without taking levels in Ninja, as well as being able to remove the semi-bane of physical fighters, Blind, for free with a special ability. Tactics makes them the physical form of awesomeness, with an attack that increases in effectiveness the more brave they have, a few healing abilities (including one that can charge MP) for free, and long range attacks.

Scratch the first one out for Final Fantasy I, apparently; some idiot decided Monks weren't worth it and rated all parties with it low. The full monk (well, I guess Black Belt, as it was for the original NES version) party was rated a -43. To compare, he gave a party with three fighters and a red Mage a perfect score. A party with four fighters - the same, but more expensive and with white magic after class change - 9/10. The idiot can be seen here.

However, TV Tropes says a full Monk party was a Game Breaker. Sure, they might have a lack of healing, but they can dish out damage like no one's business. Who was right? I decided to take matters into my own hands and started a new game of Final Fantasy I.

So far, things are pointing in the favor of the team of B. Belt, Chris, Bruce, and Chuck: they just kicked Garland's butt at level 2, and they didn't so much as slip into critical (the closest was Bruce at 28/62 HP), and I'm pretty sure it took all of two rounds.

Disclaimer: this challenge is being conducted on the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy on normal mode with NES settings (auto-target off, Softs (well, Life1 and Life2, too, but) not being able to be used in battle, dashing off for all the good that does, etc.). So it's not really a stretch. Maybe they fixed the magic defense thing the black belt/master suffered in the NES version, but I don't think anything important changed.

Every time I beat a boss or do something else of importance, I'll give a status update in the comments section, along with who would have the best odds of winning in a fight. Currently, it would seem to be Bruce, having one more point of STR and a few more HP. Pretty even otherwise, though.

Current statistics:
B Belt [HP 59] Chris [HP 61] Bruce [HP 62] Chuck [HP 59] [all: level 2]
STR 5 5 6 5
AGL 6 6 6 6
END 21 21 21 21
LUK 6 6 6 6
ATK 15 15 16 15
DEF 4 4 4 4 [equip: Leather Armor]
And there is going to be a picture of Chaos dying and the monks winning. And I'm going to email it to that one guy and I'm going to be all smug and stuff.

In a semi-more serious note, you get a cookie if you can guess where all of the monk's names come from.

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  1. returnofmastercrazyhand's Avatar
    yeah the FF 1 game was easy for me because of my all monk playthrough. but maybe that's because I had experience with dragon quest 3 on te game boy color and I beat the first game on the psp before. and this is coming from a guy who owns a nes with a new 10nes graphics/lockout chip
    BTW i think chuck is chuck norris, bruce is bruce willis, and idk about chris.
    Updated 1st August 2013 at 09:57 PM by returnofmastercrazyhand
  2. Erdrick's Avatar
    Chris (and B Belt) are from the comic strip 8-Bit Theater. Black Belt is the name of the Black Belt in the strip, and Chris is from...some strip where one of Black Belt's old masters confuses Black Belt for someone else.


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